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Possible remasters incoming?


Or Bethesda is about to change it’s logo a little bit and roll out 4k 60fps intro screens that barely look different.


After that guy let the hot sauce digest for a day, he was not fine with it.


Sorry I think I’m missing something, I watched the video and it was just that guy reading tweets and reddit posts for seven minutes. Who was not fine with it?


Perhaps Fallout 76 is a ESO clone? Dosen’t ESO have story mission you can do with others or is that only dungeons? I know you can solo ESO, but the dungeons can be difficult to do solo. Base building wasn’t something I liked in Fallout 4 either, based on the latest info, it dosen’t look good for me and Fallout 76 :flushed:.


I was referencing that hot sauce guy as a joke. The video was separate and just adding to the topic.


if the rumors are true that fallout 4 was the template to test settlement building, they may have improved it drastically since then, perhaps it’s more dynamic now, adhering to the landscape much better… perhaps drawing the length of the walls, similar to the sims, etc… perhaps even a much wider selection of pre-built stuff as well for those that don’t want to do a lot of it…

while not a big fan of it either, i still always built a good home base for my lone survivor… it really wasn’t a terrible system, it was just too much work to build something at every settlement…


Agree, it was just too much of it and one other thing I didn’t like, it rained inside even when I tried to use double roof :joy: and it didn’t protect us from the nuclear storm either, so I ended up buying the Home Plate, but it was amazing to see what others have done with settlements and what they build, but it was too much for me, without settlements and have to make them happy, I think I could finish the game.


“…says it’s as story focused as other Bethesda games.”

Oh boy, can’t wait for a story like Fallout 4’s or Skyrim’s or Oblivion’s where the urgency of it doesn’t even fit within the gameplay.


Fallout 76 is confirmed to be an online game, but can be played offline. Not sure what to think I must say, I definetly want more precise info on how the online functions, especially when apparently it doesn’t use specific servers?

As for gameplay, it looks like Fallout 4. The map is going to be 4 times the size of Fallout 4, but no sign of any NPCs aside from enemies, or any towns. Gun play is very Fallout 4, hud is Fallout 4 with a few tweaks, and it looks like base building is back with a different UI. Interesting thing I noticed is that enemies and players all have a level number, which wasn’t really a thing in Fallout 4, so curious to see if we see a modified perk or skill system to go along with it.


I’m into it, despite it having an online element. Looks like a Rust/Fallout combo, which is fun. And the game looks fucking pretty, as well as the new monsters and stuff. But seeing the super mutants in the trailer doesn’t make sense lore wise, that kind of pissed me off. However it does look very Fallout 4, and while that isn’t a bad thing it’s still a little disappointing. Interested to see how it turns out, looks really fun with friends. Good for it be solo too. I’m gonna stay optimistic about it.

Nov 14 release date as well, 1 day after HITMAN 2. That’s gonna be a good week.


That was exactly what I was thinking when I watched it last night!
The Super Mutants are made in a lab, and that isn’t even close to happening yet.
Same thing goes for ghouls, most people still look like… well people. They haven’t turned yet.

It feels like they pushed lore a little to the side on this one, which is sad.
But I’m still really interested in hearing and seeing more of this!
And I’m a sucker for game merch, so I’ll most likely pre-order to get that sweet, sweet helmet :sweat_smile:


I don’t get why there is all the grass and leaves and trees everywhere if it’s so close to the beginning of the war? Shouldn’t they have been wiped by all the explosions?


I realise that no one knows for certain just yet, but having never really played any modern online games, I do have a few of questions that some of you might be able to answer, particularly if it’s like Elder Scrolls Online.

If I choose to play by myself (which I would be doing), then is there an option to have no real players in my world at all?
Can I “save” my progress if other players are in my world? For example, what if I’m on my way to complete a side quest, could someone someone complete it without me being involved?
What if someone has already completed a side quest?
If I build something, then could some fool interfere?


Yeah, I must admit, the fact 76 is an online game, and looks very much like it will have potentially very little RPG stuff in it does make the game less essential to me. Still, I do think Fallout 4’s combat was great, so I have no doubt 76 will still be a fun time for me, but that’s only half the Fallout package to me, and the online component does nothing for me. Not to mention Hitman 2 comes out the day before, which is another essential game for me, so I think I will be spending my money on that.

I guess we’ll see what info comes out about the game. I’m assuming we’re going to see a different perk and skill system considering how if there are few NPCs, stuff like speech and stealing are going to be useless. It wouldn’t surprise me if they get rid of the perk restrictions on crafting so that everybody can craft and build stuff, not that you need to spec yourself into a crafter.


i am optimistic about it :sunglasses:… i am hoping that we can host our own invite only lobbies, so a bunch of friends can just do their thing and travel to help each other as they progress…

i am not looking forward to lobbies full of grievers that hunt you for caps… i do not want that… not losing progress or items is nice, but i don’t want to constantly get blown up by someone, shit will get old really fast…

the info is still very vague on how all of that will work, but i’m thinking that tomorrow’s making of documentary will blow open the doors on the info we’re all needing clarification with, including the super mutants, which definitely made me go “whaaaa?!?”… i get ghouls and most of the other creatures, that should be present… but not super mutants, they’re created in a lab, and according to lore, the first one was created 1 year prior, on the west coast…


Damn … I did not see that coming. Fallout 76 entirely online. Surprising.

I really like Howard’s vision of a Fallout where every “NPC” is a human but … we all know how this is gonna end without appropriate rules. It will turn into a simple deathmatch where everyone fights for himself.

So I hope Bethesda really thinks about that and offers different servers for different player types. Like PVP, PVE and RP or let us host private sessions where I can play alone with some other RP souls.

Otherwise it would be a huge waste of potential … because besides of that it looks really great.


It’s also the way in which trolls could ruin everyone’s experience. Todd said that we could build anywhere now. So what is to stop scumbags building walls in-front of buildings you enter or something equally mean.


I guess that’s exactly what is gonna happen. Online games without rules, specific server types or private sessions tend to become that and since Howard mentioned that it is a game with just a few rules I’m kinda worried.

The whole concept sounds great … on paper. I still need to know a bit more before I can make a decision whether this is a must have or not.


And did you hear about the nuclear launch sites? Again, gangs of high levelled idiots are going to join games just to take-over launch sites and launch devastating missiles at other players’ settlements.

If anyone can join my game and negatively interfere with objectives, then this is not going to be a game for me.