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Yes it worries me too but Bethesda should know better. I trust them that they have some security measures to avoid something like that.



If this game has no story better than F4 it is a toss for me. I was able to keep me busy for 1k hours roaming the places and dying in survival. But I am not that much into doing that again.


Every NPC is a human sounds like the story will be shit. Essentially it would have to be a story without characters in it.

Also saying “you can play alone” as opposed to “it has a single player mode” makes it sound suspicious. I’m waiting for more information, but this might actually be the first Fallout game I chose to skip.

Just saw an interview with Todd Howard. He clarified both these points, and they’re both as I feared.

  • There are no NPCs, only other online players (a story with no characters in it, good luck).
  • You can play solo/alone simply means you can chose not to team up with people. Your game will always have other players in it, and it will always be online.

Unless I see something amazing going forward, I’m out.


This was the nail in the coffin for me as it is as far from an RPG that they could possibly get. Ooh there are some real humans over there. I think I’ll use my high charisma / speech perk to persuade them from launching a nuclear missile at my base. This whole concept is a gaming troll’s dream come true. What are Bethesda thinking?

I’m sure many will love it, but as far as my beloved series goes, I could not be any more disappointed. :disappointed_relieved:


Daaamn, they fucked up the lore so they could have super mutants? I’m out. Not that I was ever in, but still.



What annoyed me at settlement building in F4 was the bad pathfinding of NPCs. Glad they fixed that…



Right? And it makes no fucking sense as to why Bethesda would place them there.

Like, you could easily tell that Bethesda wants to create a classic Fallout feel with the classic pip boy, classic vault door, T-51 power armor, as well as the end of the E3 trailer clearly referencing Fallout 1’s game cover.

However they have messed up some lore in the past with Fallout 4, however most of the conflicting stuff was smaller things and not as major as the Super Mutant lore.

I just hope they have a valid reason for this and or just removing them.


Look at the bright side: It’s just a spin-off. They’re still going to other Fallout games that are Solo-RPGs. It also means we don’t have to worry about it competing with Hitman 2.


Think about it this way… With Starfield (or whatever it’s called) and ES6 on the way, this is going to be the last Fallout Game for quite a while. So Fallout fans are just gonna have to make due with this one.


I’ve not heard it myself, but apparently in an interview at E3, Todd Howard explained that those two reveals were part of them wanting to take a new approach of letting us know what lies in their future plans. When pushed, he said that Starfield and ES6 will appear be on the next generation consoles.


also, none of us expected another fallout for years, so what we’re getting this year is a very unexpected surprise… i also think it’s just them testing the waters for a future branch off of fallout as an MMO… this feels like fallout online-lite…

i am a little upset about the super mutant thing, but perhaps there’s a perfectly good explanation, because bethesda has been doing their own thing here on the east coast that differs from the west coast…

i bet fallout goes back to the single player game we know and love next gen, but i think they want to try and see if they can get something special going here… and i don’t mind… like i said, i was not expecting a new fallout this year, maybe something more with fallout shelter, not a brand new game :open_mouth:


I guess so too. Wont buy it to show them I am more into singeplayer games.

But whoever preordered it before they told what it is deserves it. :3


half of my gta crew loves fallout, and we’re all excited about roaming the wasteland together… so to each their own… i love fallout as a single player game, but always wondered how fun it would be to roam with a friend… i wasn’t expecting it to be on this big of a scale, but i’m willing to give it a chance…

we got a few months yet for them to feed us more info… the making of fallout 76 video should be hitting the net here in the next couple of hours :sunglasses:


I am not agains an online Fallout per se. But this is Bethesda. I was hyping when Interplay worked on Project V13, but I am very careful here.


understandable… a lot of people are as well :sunglasses:

and i am too, but i am more of a glass half full kind of guy, so i am eager to learn more :star_struck:


Would highly recommend you guys watch this documentary, as it explains the mechanics and how they will work in terms of a multiplayer setting for Fallout 76. Lots of new mechanics and features have been confirmed in the video, as well as returning mechanics from the older games.


It looks comforting to the main idea but it is filled with alot of smoothtalk too. I better wait for long term reviews while playing Season 2. :slight_smile:


yea i was hoping that would answer more questions, but it didn’t really… i thought there was suppose to be a Q&A after, but i didn’t find that last night… perhaps today will yield better results :yum: