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Want to play F76? Have fun with the Bethesda launcher! (yes it exists)
Which cannot save your login passwords, has less frequent reduced prices, and does not grant you the Bethesda games you have in Steam, despite it has access to your Steam account. Also you better find the buddies you want to play with there because your Steam friendlist is of course not compatible with the Bethesda launcher.


Not that I play on PC, but I completely lost interest in this game when they announced it would be multi-player. It’s still role playing, they say. Yet the only NPCs in the world will be real humans. Okay, I’ll use my high charisma and speech perks to help me with the quests and working through all the main story missions. :angry:

I keep hearing people saying, “Why are you so bothered? Single player is coming. They already confirmed they’re working on the next Elder Scrolls and Starfield. Bethesda just want to give those who like multi-player an experience.”

We’ve already waited long enough for those single-player games. If the team working on Fallout 76 were working on the other two, then we’d have them much sooner. Plus how much longer will we have to wait before they even begin working on the next single-player/proper Fallout game?


Anyone with a brain and two eyes knew that Fallout Online was going to be a thing ever since Bethesda engaged the legal war with Interplay over Fallout copyright and, specifically, the license to make an online out of it. The legal war went on for so long however that Zenimax went with Elders Scrolls Online… which failed, to put it mildly. I just do not find this to be a good time. They have had Starfield on the making since years ago, and now they announced Elder Scrolls 6 when it is far more than 2 years away (a very bad business desition).

So aside from the fact we knew this would happen… I’m actually willing to give it a shot. I have it reserved and will hopefully get my beta code soon. I am very, very, very skeptical at the lack of NPCs however. It is rare to have an MMORPG and/or Survival-RPG game that is permanently online without NPCs. I mean, just look at Star Trek Online and DC Universe Online. The first an entirely free online game while the larter features paywalls but contains functional crossplay. They have TONS of NPCs and, particularly Star Trek Online, you can play for weeks if not more than a month just on a singleplayer (online) campaign.


Not that I am interested in this (haven’t been ever since the online aspect of it was revealed), but this is definitely the final nail in the coffin.

They won’t be seeing me shell out money for this game, that’s about 100% certain now.
Luckily I’ll have HITMAN 2 to keep me warm this winter. :slight_smile:


I’d have played it on console but tbh me and the pals I’d have played it with were completely disenterested after realising that,no,it wouldn’t have been a cooperative storydriven fallout but that yes,we would have had to deal with trolls and griefers(which is doable,but who the fuck has the energy to waste for it?) and piece of news after piece of news that kept revealing how this “RPG” would’ve ended up being as RPG-ish as Fallout 4(so about 10% RPG,80% open world FPS,10% sandbox base builder) the final realization sunk in. It’s,afterall,a Bethesda game. Game breaking bugs,glitches,frame drops and crashes were the minimum on a SINGLE PLAYER GAME. What the fuck are they gonna do on a Multiplayer game? I mean,ESO was essentially a massive waste of potential and a buggy mess,what is THIS gonba devolve into? And now they make the life of their PC playerbase miserable?I’ll skip. Maybe I’ll change my mind once I see the gameplays and the user reviews.
I liked FO4,but I liked 3 and NV more. I asked one thing of them,and it was to put their massive ego on the side and ask Obsidian to handle their IP again,but no. OR AT THE VERY LEAST DO SOMETHING LIKE FO4,but with more choices! That would’ve been great! But no!. Now instead of blowing Megaton up,or collapsing the Prydwen or slaying some post-apocaliptic legion you can get spawntrapped by “xXxX-SniperAssassinShadow420Pro-XxXx” with a nuke launcher while he abuses psychojet.


Bethesda… Bethesda never changes.


Yeah,you’d think after shutting down Prey 2 and how FO4 was so heavily criticized for its lack of RPG elements and such and such that Bethesda would start striving for more playerfriendly,sp,rpg content (especially after that “Save Single Player Games” ad they had which was a little jab at EA),but Bethesda is gonna Bethesda.


Its sort of sad what happened to fallout after Bethesda acquired it. It’s not nearly as dark and gritty as it was back in the 90’s. No nostalgia here either I played fallout 1 and 2 after 3 NV and 4.


Currently playing Fallout New Vegas,this is my first time playing a Fallout game and saw that one being recomended the most so I gave it a try.
What an experience so far,I don’t remember being this immersed in a game world in a long,long time.
Actually,I can’t remember any open world that grabbed my attention like this.I love everything about it,especially its unique mix of time periods.
It’s funny how tastes can change,throughout the years I kept hearing things about Fallout franchise and it never interested me.Just recently I felt some temptation to play it and I can see now New Vegas is going to be one of the top 10 games I ever played