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UEFA Euro 2016

i just want to express how really disapointed and frustrated i am that america is not in the Olympics for soccer.

i am no patriot but now i know, sorta lol, how brazil felt during the world cup. lol

damn we needed to go to the Olympics! ugh.

now i gotta root for whoever i guess.


Well… Take comfort knowing that the feminine US football team is the current World Champion, as well as the most successful international team on female football history! You have that at least…


and i honestly do respect that and apperciate it. that really is the only thing we have.

i just wanted to see the boys make a good run of it.


MAN THAT CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL WAS AMAZING! Wow, the Real had complete domination on that first half! But then Altético reacted with a motor like no other on the second half… And the Madrid almost won at 119 and
120 too! What a game!


From just by leisurely watching, I’d vote Casemiro for man of the match. Crucial part of the midfield in this match.


watching the copa america.

pulling for my SO nation but they lost yesterday.

i think mexico might win this, of course if not Argentina.


This thread is in the wrong category. THE NON HITMAN GENERAL DISCUSSION

On topic, soccer aid is good… kinda :slight_smile:


Damn England was so lucky


I can’t believe the United States might actually be playing Argentina for a spot in the finals. That is amazing and I will be sure to watch that game.

I really underestimated the Americans, damn they actually made me proud-the fuck.


Such a thing would have been a lot harder if they were playing in South America. I haven’t watched any of the games so I won’t take anything (more) out of their accomplishment.


Well f*** you then homie… Don’t you dare to leave us for dead just yet. We were “suposed not to qualify from the group phase” and there we are, 7 points for Venezuela. Let’s see that game first and THEN talk about USA vs the winner. If you are talking about an underdog shaking the earth, well we are another one.


HAHAHA Hell yeah! I hear you


I still can’t believe we didn’t qualify for Euro 2016, so embarrassing.


Well… 4-1 victory for Argentina… at least we had a goal…


I was wondering that there is no thread for the Euro 2016. No one interested in football here?

So what you think? Who is going to win that thing and how do you like the Euro 2016 so far?


The only thing I watched about this are the crazy riots that occurred some time ago with the Russians.


I’ve been watching the odd game. I’m not a huge football fan, more of a casual observer really - But I still enjoy the bigger tournaments. Germany are so much fun to watch.

Watching England is just stressful though. They have great players, but they bungle so many opportunities.


Post it in general FIFA thread.
Also England will win. But they suffer from lack of experienced midfielders


The problem today Vs Wales seemed to be inconsistent strikers. Sterling was all over the shop.

And England, win? Har! I doubt it.