Everything FIFA (Football Thread)


No can do. Tie. Back to being the embarrasment of the CONMEBOL. As always. Fml. F*** MY LIFE.


Any germans here?

I want to hear from a german what he thinks on RB Leipzig goaling 4-0 Hamburg SV. Mordern mercantilization defeated tradition and history.




… the things she did on the under-17 world cup… man, this girl will be the next fucking :goat: you know it.


CONMEBOL update… Bolivia received a FIFA sanction/penalization because they lined up a Paraguayan defender not fit to represent Bolivia on international matches. The matches in which Bolivia used this player were modified to a 0-3 defeat. Bolivia lost 4 points. Chile won 2 points. Peru won 3 points.


When Leicester City qualifies for UEFA Champions League round of 16 as group leaders with one game left to play, while being 14th on the Premier League.


Rest in peace warriors. You played like legends, and departed as legends.


What a terrible tragedy, I’m still very sad about what happened. Just saw the homage in Medellin. Very powerful.

Rest in peace.


They were the underdogs, still they got themselves into the CONMEBOL equivalent of the UEFA Euro League. Then this happens… i’ts kind of hard to believe.

Look I was going for Atlético Nacional on this one, they are Colombia’s best team ever and I’ve always fancied them. Plus they have the venezuelan Alejando Guerra as starting central midfielder. But this… I find it too hard to swallow this. I don’t want AN to win like this and I don’t want CONMEBOL declaring Chapecoense champions either… I don’t know. Maybe they should just null the final.



In reality Madrid has played poorly tho.



Reus will start at the bench? Is Tuchel fucking high or what?


Not trying to troll, I’m genuinely curious.

Do you guys get annoyed when it is called soccer?


lol why would they get annoyed at using the correct term for the sport.

ducks for cover


grabs pitchfork


Yes, because the american football ressembles rugby a lot more than it ressembles association football.

American football isn’t played with a ball, nor considers feet as the playable body part.




Bro… China needs to stop. Right fucking now. They need to be controlled.

Their businessmen bought Aston Villa, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Valencia and who knows what other foreign club. Their national clubs such as Shanghai Shengua are buying players for over 50M€ and there is talk of buying players like Messi, Aubameyang and Cristiano for hundredS of millions of euros, and they’ve already signed Carlos Tevez on a contract for 38M€ per SEASON. Not even Messi gets paid so well. This is irrational.


20 characte


Sevilla - Madrid tomorrow. HO LEE SHIT HYPE OVER 9000.


Dude I’m hype for today’s match of Man Utd vs Liverpool at 4pm GMT!!!:grin: