Everything FIFA (Football Thread)


Man I love Madrid… you just never know what they’re going to do because they’re so damn good and know eachother so well that they can do whatever.

You see Nacho, Ramos, Varane, Marcelo and Carvajal on the starting 11 so you think “ok, they’re going with 5 defenders”. Then next thing you know, Marcelo and Carvajal are up top sending crosses to Cristiano and Benzema while Kroos and Modric are ready at the edge of the box with Casemiro going back to support the 3 defenders… man they just do everything.



Fuck this shit.



Ok I loved the guy on Inter… but fuck him now.


Not a fan of the club or Italian football in general, but this is the new Juventus crest.

On the kit;

Looks like something an insurance company would use to look new and edgy, not a crest for a football club with quite as long a history as Juventus. Absolutely abominable.


I’m just finding this out. Seems like its true… how awful…

About being a fan of italian football, I don’t blame you. That league has been in major, unprecedented decadence ever since Calciopoli.



Need I say more?


Hmmm… too bad that they are about to go down. I’d like for Wales to have a consistent representation on the Premier.

But I’ll admit I like Cardiff a bit more.


They’ve been in the premier league 6 years… not bad to say in 2003 they almost dropped out of the football league, Far better club in terms of ownership & fans than Cardiff, as you can understand being a Swansea fan I have no interest in anything Cardiff related :point_down:

I don’t actually think Swansea will get relegated



So you expect Hull City not to react? But well, on the other hand there are like 4 points of difference between the 9th and 16th seed so mathematically any of them could go down. I would not expect as much tho.


With 3 games left I believe they will only get a maximum of 3 points, I believe Swansea can easily win all 3 of there last games, and a draw with Everton at the weekend if pushed. giving us survival, As a fan I have to believe we can stay up until the last minute!


I don’t think you’ll get any points against Everton. I would expect a win against Sunderland. I would expect a tie with WBA.

I would expect Hull City to win over Sunderland, lose to Tottenham and tie to Crystal Palace.

So… so far, they would both end up on the same place on my book. But hey, I love it that you still have faith in your team, hopefully it pays off!


Very hard league to predict though, Palace win away at Liverpool & Chelsea yet lose at home to Burnley! that’s why its the best league in the world.

Fingers crossed aye!


Get off your high horse. It is the richest league in the world, end of story. Factually best league in the world is the Spanish league, followed by the German league, followed by the English league.

Your teams can’t compete outside of England and you know it. Those years where all 4 english teams qualified for Champions League all reached the second phase, are long gone. Same for the Euro League. But look at how Spanish clubs command both competitions. Look at the quality on Spanish team’s rosters’.

And what have England, Scotland, Wales or North Ireland achieved internationally on the past decades? Not much to nothing.


I never said it had the best teams did I? my comment was referring to the entertainment value its the best and most exciting league in the world to watch hands down, who wants to watch Real Madrid put 6 goals past Deportivo or Bayern Munich put 8 past Augsburg etc. Bundesliga is a 1 horse race, Spain a 2 horse race. Premier League Id say 6 teams could easily win it


That’s a whole different subject. But yes, you are right. These days you never know who will win the premier. Liverpool, United, City, Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal are all good competitors. Everton could occationally kick into a Champions place, as well as West Ham. So yes, it offers possibilities. However this may backfire. Not having a couple of strong presences like they historically have, namely United and Chelsea last decade, will result in little accomplishments internationally. And you could also atribute this high competition to them being the richest league in the world, as previously stated. More money for transfers and wages.

And who wants to watch Madrid score 6 on Deportivo? Me. Everyday. Anyday. I don’t know how I did not broke my tv when Messi scored on the 94th.

But yes, Sevilla, Villareal, Valencia and Atlético are not in the range of Madrid and Barcelona. Nor are Schalke, Dortmund, Wolfsburg, Leverkusen and Hamburg on the likes of Bayern anymore. Not to mention the Italian league.

However, I also disagree that having competition on the top spot equals for bad entertainment. It all depends on who you support, too. I don’t think people supporting Memphis Grizzlies on the NBA have any doubt that AT LEAST Warriors, Spurs snd Rockets will end on top of them every year, but they enjoy their regular season. I enjoy my regular season supporting Dallas (hopefully they don’t keep doing as horrible as this year tho lol)


Buying foreign players certainly does have an impact on the national team, but Ive already accepted I doubt Ill see England win a major tournament in my lifetime (or its highly unlikely) But still theres a reason TV companies are shelling out 5 billion in a TV deal, the reason its the richest league is because the money is distributed evenly between all the teams, Whereas in Spain Real and Barca suck up most of the TV money leaving the lower teams with no money, even the likes of Atletico have relatively low budgets and have to rely on buying cheap players and selling them off for huge profits. Sevilla being another team like this.

El Classico is possibly the best football team played between 2 teams, but unfortunately that only comes twice in a season (unless they meet in the cup!)


…Is Higuain drunk or what’s going on?

edit: apparently not.


Just saw this after he scored two goals.