Everything FIFA (Football Thread)


So happy with the performance of my club yesterday


Its Juve’s year this year, the trebles on!


What you thinking now then? 3 points against Everton and Sunderland did us a massive favour at Hull, Sunderland away Saturday a game in which I’m going too. And to top it off ive been refunded for my ticket as the players are footing the £75,000 ticket bill and paying for all the fans tickets.

Jack Army!!


classy guys :thumbsup:


To add to this the club will give each fan a food & drink voucher, free food, drink & ticket :sunglasses:


I know, and I was pretty mad at it.

See, my best fried is a die-hard Liverpool fan. So I have become a little Everton fan just to fuck with him on that, and I didn’t like them losing against an almost relegated team.

Still, Swansea did tremendously well and Hull City did ridiculously bad.


Agreed :joy: its in our hands now though which is where we want to be, we win both our games and no matter what Hull do we’ve avoided the drop


Ok… so Neymar reportedly going to PSG FOR FUCKING 222.000.000 EUROS this is insane. That doubles Pogba’s record transfer last year… this is like Cristiano’s transfer for 94M just after Kaká’s for 60M… but twice as dramatic. Can this man really be worth such an investment?

I am happy for him however. He had been shadowing Messi and Suárez for too long now.


Neymar leaving Barça could have been “motivated by the political statement it makes”, in response to the Qatar crisis.

I thought this was an interesting read.


So the speculation is that the owners simply wanted a way to burn money to honor their country?

You know what? It makes sense. PSG officials were speaking about replacements for Ibrahimovic last year and they explicitly said “we want Neymar, but he is simply too expensive. Our ideal choice was Lewandowski, but he also decided to re-sign with Bayern”. Quite a millionaire change of mind.

And not like the 60M euros they were willing to throw in for James was anything less!


PSG now considering splashing 100M€ for Jan Oblak. This is ridiculous, Kevin Trapp is an alright goalkeeper. Does not deserve replacing. And Oblak is not worth that money… the football market has been hyperinflated the last 5 years or so.


Kylian Mbappe to PSG.

I am getting scared to shit. Paris is becoming Europe’s new China… and where are these Qatari getting this money from?


Those Financial Fair Play rules sure are effective, huh…


All PSG has to do to compensate, is (in the case of Neymar) sell just for about as much as they have bought… and they have 3 years to do so. They can easily sell Verratti, Cavani and maybe one more dude and be well within the soft caps of that ruling. Mpappe makes it difficult tho, Mbappe and Neymar combined make it for 400M€. Last time PSG failed t obey fair play purchase they went to Champions League with 4 less players than everyone else and 8 of them had to be home-grown… they obviously did not learn.

HOWEVER I for one dislike the fair play rules quite a lot. While they prevent a billionaire owner from monopolyzing the football market and have international recognition; they also prevent small teams from splash transfers for their future if they can not possibly sell enough players for just about as much money as the one guy they buy. These rules advocate for status-quo, not for anti-monopoly; thus mantaining the big fishes big and literally creating a monopoly. I mean… it is not like that rule prevents PSG from regaining money from Neymar and Mbappe merchandise anyway. And if they are going to fine PSG, PSG can easily pay any ammount.


Yeah, I pretty much have the same view.


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Pruod as fuck of you Deyna. May you win!


… we’re missing a single match day and at least 7 teams will be waging war for 4 spots and one playoff seat. Imagine if Chile and Argentina were to be the ones eliminated! How the hell did this happen? IDK. It’s conmebol.


Martens strong player. Much biased yes i know


Messi, Aguero, Higuaín, Dybala, Icardi, Di Maria, Mascherano, Otamendi all playing in Europes elite leagues. Under performing is an understatement. Be gutted for Messi if they missed out he’s had no luck at International level