Everything FIFA (Football Thread)


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I am shamed of the United States men’s team.


Nothing compared to the shame of the Dutch people right now



btw argentina payed equador, you can ask @GuLe


I am watching the Bundesliga right now. A RB Leipzig player just faked a foul on offense, causing a converted penalty and a red card to BVB Dortmund.


What is the fucking point of implementing live action replays if you will then allow the referees to decide not to use them, or not having someone who calls the referee and tells him “you’ve fucked up big. Call it back”.


Still too many conservative people in the football world unfortunatly. Afraid of any changes


Italy SUCKS. And Netherlands, and USA, and Venezuela too so I’ll shut up.

FYI those are teams that didn’t make it to the world cup.


Official group phase results:


Honestly there is no Group of Death this world cup… saddening. I think D is the tightest.


I am from Serbia and I think honestly we can go through the group along with Brazil.


I think you have a good chance as well. Aside from the obvious threat of Brazil Switzerland is your biggest threath on paper.

I’m from Sweden and I think we have chance as well. I don’t think we’ve played against Mexico or South Korea like, ever? I don’t underestimate any of them but I honestly believe that we can beat them both on a good day…
Plus, we turned 0-4 into 4-4 against Germany once… gotta stay positive :wink:


Wel, Sweden has a great team, with many great players. We’ll see. I mean it’s a World Cup after all, every game should be interesting


This draws look pretty scary for Spanish teams. City and Bayern have cakewalks. Liverpool and Roma should have the advantage on theirs. United vs Sevilla and Juventus vs Tottenham are really great matchups. Barcelona vs Chelsea and Madrid vs PSG? Either of those could have easily been this year’s final!


Ok… just noticed Bristol City is third on the championship.

@Quinn how? Have you been bought by a chinese/russian/arab billionaire too? This is a drastic improvement.


Don’t ask me, I don’t follow Football. But even I know that this is happening tomorrow:


@Supernova and Bristol City just beat Manchester United 2-1. Bet nobody saw that coming…


Me personally? I’m not in the tournament. A team from the city i’m from are though. Why so touchy?


It isn’t a secret that Bristol City is your favorite team even if you don’t like to follow football. Also no secret that Manchester United is my favorite team of England.


So now its my fault that your team lost?

This is why I don’t follow football. Too many fans take everything so personally.


Kind of exactly what you’re doing tbh. Not at all my responsibility if you can’t grasp humor without a smirky tonge out emoji after what I think wouldn’t otherwise be taken seriously. Since you seem offended, I’ll delete my comment and be done talking about the ELC.