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Doesn’t even bother scoring in August…


  • First player in Premier League history to score 39 goals in a single calendar year
  • First player in Premier League history to score six hat-tricks in a single calendar year
  • 56 goals in 52 appearances in all competitions for Tottenham and England in 2017
  • Top scorer across Europe’s major five leagues (England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France)
  • More league goals in 2017 than Messi, Ronaldo, Cavani & Lewandowski


Transfer deadline day! how’s your clubs transfer window been? personally (a Swansea City Fan) its been awful, 4 players out today no one in, depleted squad and only 1 senior centre half!


I support Real and United. Both have had trash transfers. So that’s that.


The only Premier League club to do no business in this transfer window, at first glance it would seem like a travesty, all depends on whether we hit the ground running at the new stadium and if we get any injuries until the Jan window.

We still have 8 World Cup semi-finalists, a World Cup winning captain, a World Cup golden boot winner… and of course Moussa Sissoko… Ballon d’Or winner 2019!

I think we’ll still be fine for a top 4.



Pretty good I’d say for us (chelsea fan)

Courtois is a loss but I like the stance to go and spend big on a talented young GK. Jorginho is a very good signing as is Kovacic who I felt was unlucky not to get more minutes at Real last season. With the new manager as well I don’t know what expectations are as I can’t see anyone getting near Man City again this season.


Agreed, I think youll make top 4 but I think August is going to be a difficult month for you guys, was it 5 spurs players in that WC squad? had no pre-season so not many of them will be match fit. Then there’s Son who’ll miss the start of the season because of the Asian cup if i’m not mistaken? on the upside the stadium looks unreal!

@Dynamic_47 Courtois is everything that’s wrong with modern football! not seen anything of the new keep but for Chelsea to splash 70 million they must see something.

Jorginho looks a class act with him and Kante as that engine in midfield!


Well looks like Modrić wants to leave Réal for Inter Milan.


Asian Cup is in January, and he won’t be playing in any of S Korea’s warm up friendlies so we should be good until then, like I said injuries are the most worrying thing especially with the extra strain of CL matches… our first XI is arguably as good as anybody’s (except City’s) but just 1 or 2 injuries and we could be stretched.
As you said fatigue could play a factor also and settling in to the new stadium, it took us 4-5 games to settle in at Wembley and if it takes us the same at the new place any dropped points could prove crucial come the end of the season Gonna be interesting to see how it goes!

Of course Harry doesn’t even score in August, so he could actually have another months rest :laughing:



Bloody British weather!

We had snow in March… heatwave June & July…

And now a fuckin’ HurriKane in August!!! :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:



Stumbled on this earlier – just a high-end World Cup tie-in promo for their heritage website I guess, but interesting (and soothing :relieved:) to watch, with a decent selection of ex-players.

Although perhaps not the intention, also a nice little vignette on the absurdity of overzealous patriotism (in sport, or when it’s taken literally).


I’m interested in seeing how the threat of boycott from the Player’s Syndicate will affect the board of the Professional League here in Spain. I side with the players on this one, completelly. You come to Spain to play football in Spain and in competitions that derive from that. You don’t sign up to play some occasional games on the USA because good old team owners want some fresh american green. That’s even a violation of pre-season season-pass ticket to all games. And it is counterproductive to the cities that benefit from having the presence of world-class teams to attract tourists and fans. And yeah, they paid no respect to an athlete’s rest time or weather conditioning either.


  • This was United boss Jose Mourinho’s biggest home defeat in all competitions as a manager. :open_mouth:

Sorry @Supernova I couldn’t resist :stuck_out_tongue:


MY BEAUTIFUL SON, MY ONLY SON! :kr: :kr: :kr: :kr: :kr:



Looking back through old championships, and most of you older members will remember this one.

Now I was only three at the time, but I do remember my dad would bring this match (and honestly this entire tournament) up whenever someone said Ronaldo was the greatest for the next six years.



Nice one Sonny, nice one Son, nice one Sonny let’s have another…


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