Everything FIFA (Football Thread)


Sterling was never a good finisher. Roy must trust Vardy more.
I’m just too optimistic about England :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t believe Northern Ireland defeated Ukraine. ( ‘_’ )


First beer is open now and I’m looking forward to Germany - Poland. :beer:


England never get far in these tournaments, but I really root for them! And I really like the small nations such as Iceland, Ireland etc.


Speaking about Iceland: I really like that chant they do sometimes. As if there is a crowd of vikings in the stadium.


I’m looking forward to Poland-Germany. :blush:


Kurwa will lose really bad.


Germany will win, said my turkish Driving Teacher, because “they play football like machines” ^^
Manuel Neuer is probably the best Goalkeeper in the World.


I’m totally not interested in football but I was forced to notice the Euro 2016 since I live in Marseille and I saw how stupid some of the supporters were, I saw blood stains on the ground, some guys receiving Heineken bottles in the head, great atmosphere…

It is sad to see how Marseille keeps the role of the city that causes problems in France, and how it became the garbage-city of the government. I won’t believe that they didn’t know that the matches set in Marseille will by risky…


I love watching hooligans fighting each other. This some times happens here too. Fun stuff


And they have Schweinsteiger and Götze!



Sorry to hear that. I fucking hate Hooligans.


“Let barbarians kill eachother”


Spurs, Luton and England fan checking in here. Crucial for England to get the win today, group is nicely set up for England and Wales now.


Except they don’t fight only people who want to fight ^^


No Holland, no fun EC. Cu in 2 years in Russia.


Greatest moment so far Birkir Bjarnason’s first ever Iceland goal in any final tournament, Euros or World. First participation for Iceland as well obviously. Spontaneous celebrations were spotted in my apartment that evening. Apparently Bjarnason couldn’t get enough of making history, making a tackle worth Iceland’s first ever yellow card in any final tournament as well just some five minutes later.

I’ll probably post more later on, now it’s so late it’s early and I’m not so well (nothing serious).


Awesome indeed. Hope you had a fun night, pretty sure you did!




Argh England, score a goal for fuck’s sake. This is unbearable.