Everything FIFA (Football Thread)


Wales is gonna be brilliant this year


England never does well in ec’s or wc’s


Sorry guys, but I fucking hate football/ soccer for all you MMDDYY creeps.
I think the concept sucks, but what really appalls me the most is just how much these fuckers are paid.
I’d rather play ToTT an 189th time than watch that shit.
Just my two cents yo


It’s ridiculous indeed, but only proves how popular the sport is.

Ps: guys who don’t like football are homos



If you are a great football player in an extremely important league, that means that:

A) there is a company or two making shirts and shoes with your name.
B) there is people going to a stadium, paying, to see you.
C) there is someone getting checks from extremelly huge TV contracts for the exclusive coverage of your best games.
D) you certainly become a celebrity.
E) because of the above, you most certainly earn more money by sponsorships than by your team.

Briefing, there is people making money, and people losing money, and people spending money, because of what you do. The players are the main actionists of any sports club, they are the ones that actually make the team get any income. Their salaries are justified.



Holland will finally win a worldcup in 2 years, it’s about damn time.


How many times have they been at a final now? 3 times?

And I would expect Argentina to win the following World Cup, but lets see who does what at the Olympics first… So far their Copa América has been a perfect 10


3 times yeah, 1974, 1978 in Argentina :wink: and 2010

Ye we will see, we got a new generation coming up that is really talented, but i don’t think they’ll be ready in 2018, 2022 for sure.

Argentina vs Holland are usually great games, one of the best matchups in football.


Particularly because both usually run 3 strikers! Never a dull moment.


Exactly, and usually the attackers on both teams are technically gifted.


Croatia won… is this a joke Spain?


America vs argentia is up. lol

lets see if the united states can stop from embarrassing itself

im just here to watch messi score


welp thats that. less than five minutes and they already losing. lol

daaa fuuuuuuck


Not looking good for the hosts to be down 2-0 at half time… even less with the 1st goal so early on!


this is why i am watching this game!

Messi just scored a legendary goal on the united states. That ball was damn flown in by the hand of God.


A small suggestion, call it USA. This is the Copa América. The cup of all the american nations. Not the cup of all the american states. Do you get what I mean?

In the presence of latin americans, the words “America” and “Americans” can be taken as a discrimination/relegation when used as poorly as you have here… and I am latin american so you can guess…


I never thought of it like that.
Thanks for making me aware.

forgive me as americans do call the country america in daily conversation so ill be mindful and try to remember to correct myself to simply “the united states” please forgive me if you see me say america still even here as i am trying to curb a lifelong habit.


Chile wins… again.
By defeating Argentina in the final… again.
In penalties… again.


England, you are so shit. 2-1 down to Iceland after 20 minutes. Just awful.