Everything FIFA (Football Thread)


It would be THE sensation for Iceland. :frowning:


I’m actually rooting for Iceland now because of how poor England look. We’re already the joke of Europe, looks like we may become an even bigger one!


Well, footballwise we are the biggest joke for not qualifying…


guess they figured they better Brexit the tournament too.



At least your rugby union side is doing ok. :slight_smile:


They did it! Holy shit they did it!


What a stunt! GG Iceland.


They’re never gonna live that down. I expect Hodgson is gonna be sacked tomorrow!

Edit - Nevermind he resigned lol


In two years everyone in Great Britain will have forgotten what happened in this match. Other teams screwed up in the past, too. People will remember stuff like Brazil getting crushed by Germany but not your average bad performance.


The greatest tragedy with this loss is that everyone’s making the same joke.



It’s just too good and too obvious not to…


Sooooo is Messi retiring from Argentina for real?


Jup, he just can’t do it (winning a big cup), so he quits the national team.


Yeah but it is not entirely on him dude. I don’t understand all those pwople calling him Pecho Frío like he had no love for his homeland. I know Argentina has failed in their last 7 big finals since 1993 and Messi was at 4 of them, but that does not make him the one to blame. He is leaving because of the media, muh more than he is leaving because he believes he is uncapable of winning.


I’m not blaming or critisizing him at all mate, those were his words in the interview he gave.


Sadly those were his words, yes. And the you had twitter uproaring of argentinans kneeling asking his pardon for all the things they said to him. I’ll never understand southerners…

Even an Uruguayan friend of mine was kinda nuts.


Media is full of ungrateful fucks…


You’re fucking kidding me right? Portugal is going to tie in the first 90 for the 5th time this tournament?