Everything FIFA (Football Thread)


Jup. And if it comes to penalties i see them losing it aswell.

Edit: That miss of Ronaldo though…


I can’t believe Portugal will be competing for medals not winning a single game…


Guess i was wrong, haha


Quoted for truth. Fuck Portugal.


Bollocks. Too bad for Poland.

Medals aren’t a shoe in yet, as far as I remember they don’t play for bronze here in Euros.


Funny now we only have ties and are in the semi finals. History in the making. We are a serious contender to be the first to completely tie the Euro xD


Belgium and Germania will win tonight.


Germany and Italy won’t play for the moral victor trophy until tomorrow.


I really don’t give a shit about soccer but since my country’s hosting I pretty much have to follow this charade.

So I’m rooting for the smaller teams. Hopefully Iceland will put us out of our misery this sunday.


Italy vs Germany
who will win and why?



Italy will win. Primarily because if they win the euros I’ll win about 500£ and I could really use the money. But also because Germany never beats Italy when there’s anything at stake.


Germany will win, stronger team than the italians.


Poor Wales and Belgium, everyone is already talking about tomorrow’s match : )


Belgium and Italy will win. My predictions.


Wales… just… wow


Zlatan joined Man UTD!


I guess Utd were impressed how well he fared against the mighty Irish centerbacks.


Today we will break the curse! Germany 2:1 Italy.


Yeah I hope so. Already looking forward to the match.


I predicted Poland, Belgium and Germany will win.
Poland and Belgium lost…
Germany… (^_^)