Everything FIFA (Football Thread)


Oh shit I’m just remembering now… Iceland came into this match with 9 of their starters carryin over yellow cards. Anyone getting booked today won’t be playing for the World Cup Qualifying. Even the GK is booked!

5-1 now.


Ok that was a hand… accidental hand, not worthy of penalty call… but a hand nonetheless. The official should have called for a free kick inside the area (it can be done).


I’m going for Wales v Germany final.


Koman is the most overrated player of France


False! It’s Ribery! …Oh wait… :grin:


Glad that we can show a strong team without this clown. Benzema too, good fucking riddance.


Ribery’s retirement was a drama show. Same with the Benzema-Valbuena sex tape blackmail scandal.


Watching clips of the Portugal vs Wales game.

Been low key supporting Portugal. I am unashamed to admit that Cristiano Ronaldo is my favorite active player.

So good on Portugal to make it to the finals. They are one of my favorite national teams to play with on Fifa.


Meh i’m dissapointed that Portugal made it to the final, this was their first win within regular time, and most of their matches were very boring to watch.

It’s not my favorite player, but you can’t deny his skill, and have to have respect for his work ethic and how professional he is.



One of my favorite players of all time is still this guy:

Imo at his prime he was better than C.Ronaldo & Messi


Shit, people like him is why I wish there was immortality or something. Some people I wanna watch play forever.
I don’t disagree


I’m a peasant American, so Football has never really caught my attention. I can see why it’s the most popular sport thought. It’s high paced and usually has close games. I’m more of a Basketball guy though. What was one of the greatest Football games recently?


Wales vs Belgium in the Eurocup last friday was pretty awesome!


watch Norwich - Liverpool, played 23rd of January. I’m not kidding.


I was at the game. One of the craziest matches I’ve witnessed!


Definitely this one. Liverpool was behind 1-3 in the quarter finals in the Europa League and needed a win to qualify.

Football at its best.


I don’t really play international on FIFA, I’m mostly rotating between Manchester United, Real Madrid, Marseille, Leverkusen, Norwich City, Monchengladbach, Tigres and Trabzonspor… Would you add me on PSN? My PSN:ID is the same as the one here. I have had the game for only 5 weeks now and would love to play with someone I know.



Here’s, well, you can see what this link is. To watch the full match, first watch 1H ENG and after that 2H ENG. The site is somewhat finicky sometimes but seemed to work just fine now with firefox and adblock on.

Good site for everyone else too, I usually use this site to watch matches a few hours later instead of using a choppy unreliable streams of live broadcasts.


Awesome game tonight guys!! Who do you support?