Everything FIFA (Football Thread)


Who is playing tonight?


France - Germany semi final.

The strongest teams left at this point.


Agree, i don’t have any favourite, but since France is the host, i will support France :smiley:


I think they are the slight favorites, they have the home advantage, and Germany is missing some very good players due to injuries.


Well, I am german so I will obviously support my country. :blush: But I assume this isn’t going to be easy. France has a very strong team especially Antoine Griezmann and the german team lacks some main players like Hummels.


If germany have a good defense they can survive to the penalty shootout, not ideal for us to watch 120 min football before the final result, but the teams know the final is on the line :smiley:.


Hell yeah. Beer is ready. A question to everyone here: Is ‘public viewing’ a thing in your country?


It sure is here in Holland! Well not so much now because we didn’t qualify :frowning:


Yes, we have football pubs here in Norway, but i prefer to watch football at home :smiley:


I would say that was a big surprise and a shock in 2016 EM qualifikation


It is, and we were getting laughed at by Germany and Belgium, and rightfully so! We will be back though, don’t worry :slight_smile:



I’m not properly supporting either team, but I can’t help noticing that my sympathies are with Germany for whatever reason. Just hoping to see a great match, which it will almost inevitably be, seeing as the stakes are high.

We’ve got sports bars here as well, but this one I’m watching at home, it’s a bit more convenient. Kind of a shame, but you can’t win them all.

Unless you’re Germany.


20 min to kick off, may the best team win :wink:


Why is it always the hand …


Because it would not be hands without the hands? :stuck_out_tongue:


Public viewing is a thing, to the point that the most expensive restaurants have long list for people going to dinner watching the game, the foreign clubs are filled to burst, full malls are covered in propaganda and some even offer to watch the game inside the cinema, some other malls rent huge screens (like 50 square meters) to put them… where they fit… bars are full, when a team wins there are caravans of like 400 vehicles on the highway all guys painted like war vikings celebrating and drinking, the major plazas all have huge screens too… etc etc…


forward Germany, forward :smiley: you need a goal.


Oh my fucking god no :open_mouth:


Griezmann :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Surely no way for Germany now…