Everything FIFA (Football Thread)


Germany didn’t need that…


France shouldn’t have been given that penalty to be honest. Germany haven’t looked right since.


Yeah the penalty was a big face slap, Germany have to score 2 goals in 6 min time.


Sorry Germany, France was to strong.

Is there bronze final in euro 2016?


Nah, just the finals. Not a bad showing from France there.


Ouch … but yes, you can’t win all the time.


No they played well :smiley: i hope France beats Portugal, even Cristiano Ronaldo and Nani have played for my favorite team in England :smiley:.


Don’t you have a team there called Santa Claus FC? My Dad has a dream to travenl to Northern Finland to see them play one day, for reasons unbeknownst to me.


Yes, there is. I’ve seen them play a number of times. They’re not wearing anything Christmassy or anything, not even fake beards. They are just another football club at around third tier or so, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much. But if it’s enough that it’s just their name, then why not go for it :slight_smile: The region is about winter and Christmas tourism, so there’s some of the reason for their name.


LOL i had to google it, and they have.


All I knw of Finland’s football I basically owe to EAS FIFA lol. Is your favorite team and/or your local team featured in the game? I love playing with small clubs or small leagues. Currently playing with HIF ( @WIK ). EDIT: Nvm I just checked and there seems to be noo finland team on “rest of the world” on fifa 16.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand everyone this side of the Caribbean got it wrong. Everyone I know was going for Germany. Even the ones that have been influenced by french culture were expecting Germany to win… this game was revealing.


The best we’ve had is two teams in a FIFA game, I can’t remember right now which year it was, maybe '99.


The germans were better for the most part of the game. The better one doesnt always win though.


You also had jari litmanen the King, what an amazing player. He played at the club i support in holland.


Rooting for Portugal of course.
The first goal Ronaldo scored against Wales…so sweet like straight from one of my fifa games. lol I make em so mad.
But ironically they are going against my other favorite national team to play as in fifa.

actually in my early youth when i lived with drug dealers i use to dominate during sessions. I called France my wife cause that was my main team i would use if you had skill and i had to respect you. But if i was trying to clown and you was trash i would pick my girlfriend portugal and just…lol Nani and Ronaldo all day.


He is my favourite player. We do have a saying that Finland has only one king, and it’s him.


Damn it, I was an hour early for the final. Still 40 minutes to go…


Here we go…come on portugal


Umtiti… man I can’t take that guys name seriously :smile:

I hope we have at least 5 goals total. Some exitement


Ronaldo going down and hurting himself is excitement enough