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All I know is that he played that not-so-bright Southerner in the Coen brother’s film Hail, Caesar! – apart from that, I’m not familiar with him at all. So there’s really not a whole lot to go by, until we actually see him in the role. Unfortunately, what they’re doing with Han Solo reminds me of the The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, which was a glorified attempt to needlessly milk the franchise.

So I’m not sure whether we need all these spin-off Star Wars films, Disney’s obviously trying to maximise their returns after purchasing Lucasfilm. But must we see every character in their own stand-alone movie? It may never end.


Yeah, though I heard it was Lawrence Kasdan himself who wanted to do the movie, so presumably there’s an interesting story there. I heard some rumors and it sounded pretty cool actually.

Though I wish they’ll do a movie set in a completely different era after the new trilogy is done. I’m hoping there will be no more episodes after the 9th, cause they’re just going to feel less and less connected to the original story.

A samurai type Jedi movie set thousands of years in the past would be amazing (as long as they retcon KOTOR…).


As long as they don’t split the final episode into two I’ll be happy.

Star Wars Episode IX: Part I


I don’t know how i feel about the casting for Han Solo, to begin with i don’t want the movie. But does that mean i wont watch it? hell no.

It’s hard to imagine anyone else playing Han other then Harirson, it’s such an iconic character and actor. However Han Solo is not just the face, but the way the character carry himself. If Alden Ehrenreich is able to tap into the essens of Han Solo i don’t think it will take me long to look past the differences. It would be harder if the movie took place between ‘A New Hope’ and ‘Force Awakens’ because we know what Han looks like in that period. It will be easier to buy him as a younger Solo.

I’m kind of glad they didn’t go with Anthony Ingruber, sure they guy looks like Ford and sounds like him. But other then doing an Solo impression, would he be able to hold a movie on his own? and not just be doing a Han Solo impression for 90min.


These anthology movies are gonna be utter shite, I just know it. Rogue one is taking itself wayyyy too seriously + it’s got a sub-par director attached to it, the Han Solo movie is worthless since there’s nothing interesting to tell about the character pre Episode 4. I have some hope for the Boba Fett/Obi Wan movie though.

First Disney ruin that perfect rotj ending and are gonna piss off the fanbase with the Solo movie.


Well, there clearly is something to be told, I don’t think it’s just gonna be a random adventure of young Han Solo. Kasdan said he wanted to show how and why Han became the person he is at the start of ANH, aka an asshole. Heard rumors of Han’s brother being in the movie.


wish disney would just make a sequel to episode 7 instead tbh


Well they are and it’s called episode 8. I’m just going to assume that your joking, oh you.

also check this Empire Strikes Back homage out


my bad, i confused it with another film


What we really need is a sequel to the Star Wars Holiday Special. I want to cook Bantha Surprise again!

Stir, whip, stir, whip, whip-whip, stir…


That is the only thing on the Blu-ray box set bonus features i havn’t been able to finish. It hurt to much, so much.


I’ve seen the whole thing, no wonder Lucas tried to get every copy destroyed. The only thing I find myself not despising is the cantina song with Bea Arthur.


Can even remember how long it is, but it was horrible. Never watched the Ewoks movies either. Ewoks: The Battle for Endor and Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure, i would like to. But it’s pretty hard to find them in today’s age,


I really should check out that holiday special. Loved RLM’s Best of the Worst episode on it. Luke looked like a fucking Ken doll.


Yeah, that was after Mark Hamill sustained injuries to his face in a car accident between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, so they caked him in heavy make-up. Wheras in the film, they keep them unchanged since Luke was mauled by a Wampa.


Yeah. You’d think they’d just have his voice featured though and not have him on screen considering the small role he played in the special.

Then again this is the holiday special. Probably shouldn’t think too much of it.


Pictures from the book ‘Visual Guide’ witch will be released along with Rogue One, have been leaked.

Darth Vader is confirmed to return

A new Tie Figher

And a new Rebel Star Fighter


I’m just sitting here waiting for Rebels season 3.


Yeah so am i, damn that last episode of season 2. Brilliant show, i’m hoping to see Revan becoming canon this time around, he was almost most made canon in Clone Wars s.6.


Yeah I heard about it. I wonder why they scrapped him and left Darth Bane in.

Twilight of the Apprentice was awesome, I wonder if that sith holocron voice links somehow to the old republic