Everything STAR WARS! [Spoiler tags mandatory]


It’s suppose to be a hole new female Sith from that time, but she is voiced by the same voice actress that voices Ventress.


Well that sucks I hoped for it to be Kreia.



This a game forum, what did you expect? You are one funny guy Max, that is why I promise to kill you last.




Star Wars Episode VIII title have been leaked, be aware that if you want to be spoiled avoid this picture.


Yeeaaaah, no.


Do you mean that you hate the title or you don’t believe that’s the title?. Because the backstory is that it’s been leaked by an Employee who works at Star Wars Celebration.

Well i’m a bit indifferent about the title, i don’t really feel it. It sounds odd. But looking back at past titles it’s pretty much in the same style, ‘Empire Strikes Back’, *Revenge of the Sith’ and ‘Return of the Jedi’. Well even when Episode 7 got it’s title i found it odd and did not really like it. Today i don’t spare it a thought, i guess you one will have to get use to it.


Nah it’s just fake. Not only does it sound ridiculous, the video was proven to have background noises from last years celebration on loop in the background. Plus celebration is a long way to go.


I havn’t heard anything about it being faked?.

Yeah if we think of June 15-17th 2016 as a long way to go, then i guess. But since it’s actually under a month away, it’s not impossible for leaks to happen at this moment.


It has been officially confirmed that Snoke is NOT Darth Plagueis… well that is an excellent way to waste an awesome potential… but what do I know right.


I’m perfectly happy that it’s not him. Not that i would mind, i would love it. But him being more then just an old Sith Lord, is cool and makes him more interesting.


I dunno man, some random dark side overlord lurking around for years just to be the emoperor’s cheap knock-off is disappointing to me.


We all know it’s really Gollum.


Would have been the perfect way to connect all three trilogies. Now the ST is going to feel way disconnected from the rest of the movies, shame.


I also think it would have been a neat way to connect the trilogies, but i trust in Lawrence Kasdan to have created a unique new character. What we know about Snoke that he dates back to before the Clone Wars, so he’s old. I don’t mind if he a new character at all, as long as he’s interesting and they can make him work.

The things is don’t take this as 100% official, that it’s not Plaguies. J.J said numerous times that Benedict Cumberbatch did not play Khan in Star Trek into the Darkness. Do i think it’s likely at this moment that he’s Plaguies? no. The thing is Star Wars is a big universe , why make it smaller? by including old characters. There are so many other force users out there, light and dark who are neither Jedi or Sith.


This is literally what they’re going to do by making Rey Luke’s daughter.

And yes I am 100% sure that this will happen (unfortunately)


Are you really? I thought the same at first but now I’m convinced they’re doing something different.


It’ll be a Harry Potter situation. Kylo Ren couldn’t kill her at the destroyed Jedi temple because she was protected with Luke’s force or some crap.


Except Rey had been on Jakku for ~10 years already when Kylo destroyed the temple.