Everything STAR WARS! [Spoiler tags mandatory]


How do you know this?


Told by the same guy who confirmed Snoke wasn’t Plagueis. Pablo Hidalgo on Twitter, he confirms all kinds of SW stuff.


Oh. Rightio.

You’d think Disney would encourage fan speculation until at least after the trilogy’s over and not let some dude debunk all the cool theories.


Reynolds being Lukes daughter is to obvious, that they make a big twist out of it. She still might, but it won’t be the big revelation. I believe she’s a Skywalker, but I don’t think she’s Luke’s.


How would that work then? Han and Leia’s? That’s pretty much impossible now.


It’s a Skywalker story the new trilogy , that have been confirmed. She could be Anakin reincarnated, that would make her technically a Skywalker. Or maybe a third child of Anakin, I’m sure there could be some kind of explanation for her age. Like frozen in carbonite. In the end she probably is Luke’s daughter, but I don’t expect it to be the major twist, like the one from Empire Strikes back.


Well Kylo is a Skywalker, so it would still be a Skywalker story.


An artist has turned the entire story of A New Hope into one giant infographic.


Yeah it’s pretty great and very well done. Read some of it, but i soon realized it would take me forever to do it in one sitting.


The same guy who leaked all that Pandemic Battlefront 3 footage a while back has gotten access to a build of the planned Xbox Live Arcade Star Wars First Assault game, which was going to act as a prelude to the LucasArts version of Battlefront 3 (which, like the Pandemic version, was also cancelled). If First Assault was popular enough LucasArts would go into further work on their Battlefront 3.

Personally I’m happy we got the EA Battlefront 3, because First Assault looks dogshit (gotta say, that grenade push defense power up looked neat though) and Pandemic’s battlefront 3 looked mediocre at best.


I like Pandemic level design more then EA’s BF. It’s way to open, this is the kind of level design i look for in online Shooters. I have hopes for EA’s BF2, hoping that they are able to take the feedback and create a better game.


Rogue One featurette


leaked trailer showed vader too. neat.


I havn’t seen that trailer yet! and i kinda expected it to show Vader. Would be odd, since they already announced him to play a role in the movie.

Can you post it? can’t seem to find it.


the dood can’t seem to film the actual screen though.


You know what, i’ll wait a bit and see a better version. I don’t want to experience it in cam first time :confused:




crap, haven’t even started season 2 yet.


It has some amazing episodes!, though there where to many fillers. But they are worth it.


Danish Actor Lars Mikkelsen and older Brother of Mads Mikkelsen, is the voice of Thrawn. That caught me off guard, i was not able to hear it at all! Especially because Mads has such a distinctive accent, and even Lars accent is recognizable as Charles Magnussen in Sherlock.