Everything STAR WARS! [Spoiler tags mandatory]


So guys after Episode 9 comes out how are you gonna kill yourselves?


I’ll shoot @Fortheseven.


Well, I’ve long said the only use for bleach is to drink it. May as well stick with that. :neutral_face:


New Rogue One trailer is out. I’m sure you’ve all seen it.

Previously I’ve thought this movie’d be utter bollocks, like prequel levels of awful, but this trailer has me thinking it might be good. I’m kinda hype for it now - especially because of Donnie Yen’s character.

“I fear nothing. All is, as the force wills it!”

SO badass. The idea of a blind force sensitive (possibly ex-jedi?) is really cool. I’ve always thought Maz Kanata would be more tolerable if she was blind and didn’t have those stupid goggle things that make her “I see your eyes” lines so cringeworthy and stupid, but now I’m kinda happy they reserved that role for DONNIE FUCKING YEN.

Cautiously optimistic about this movie now


Looks great, though Donnie Yen’s character is force sensitive, he’s not a jedi. He’s able to feel it, not able to use it. He’s more spiritual, like a Munk of the force.


Oh yeah I get that, but even so he can fight well like a jedi too, it’s entirely possible he was one who went into hiding.

Then again I believe they said there will be no jedi in this movie so eh.

Also Yen accidentally leaked the deets about his character’s background in an interview saying he comes from a planet where lightsaber crystals can be found


They have already explained his character to be not a member of the jedi order, but a follower of the force. They will travel to a planet, that’s the Mekah of the force sensitive.


Haven’t seen the trailer, but he sounds like a religious fanatic huehuehue


taking down stormtroopers with a stick though, wtf. why do they even wear armor.


Getting hit with a blunt object while wearing armor, can still knock you out, or the very least down. Might not kill you, but.


So Kenny Baker, the actor for R2D2 just passed away. Sad news, he seemed like a nice lad.


He did? Damn, do you know how old he was?


83, apparently he’d been pretty sick for a while now.


mate, no one plays that game. also, daisy ridley is 2/10 tops


Olivia Munn 8/10
Daisy Ridley 2/10


Excuse me?


Im stoked for Rebels :heart_eyes:


They are trolls, let ban them!

I’m so fucking ready for season 3! Season 2 had some epic awesome episodes, plus some of the best Vader moments overall.


I caved and bought the Star Wars Battlefront season pass since it’s on sale for 40% off, I don’t regret it one bit. The Death Star DLC is for me, the best content in the game. The bespin maps are wonderful and the Outer Rim DLC is great for a quick 5 minute game. The equipment unlocks are fantastic too.

I would wholeheartedly recommend any Battlefront players buy it if they have the money available.

The Death Star DLC is really good if you enjoy the flying in Battlefront 3, if you don’t then you won’t like the Death Star DLC. Also if you’re doing the trench run it’s the tensest shit in the world.


So how did you like Steps into Shadows @Mads47 ? I liked it but I am kinda tired of how they handle some things in this show.

I’m talking about Ezra’s way to the dark side and him using the holocron. The season 2 finale, the trailers, the sneak peeks, everything pointed out that shit’s gonna go down and that Ezra is being converted to the dark side, it was cool, every scene that suggested it was already shown in the promotional materials. Then the episode ends with another suger-coated “all is good” feel to it. Holocron is in Bendu’s hands, Ezra is fine with it being gone and they are again buddies. I know that they will go back to this subject again and this is a long road, and things will happen with Ezra and his descent, but I’m tired of this pendulum these cartoons are pulling on us. Why can’t they be consistent?