Everything STAR WARS! [Spoiler tags mandatory]


I’ll get back to ya on that, just have to farm a shit load of Artifact Power! So i’ll watch it later. Also PM me if you want my battletag :slight_smile:


Okay so I rewatched the original trilogy today and a thought occured to me - why doesn’t Chewie wear clothes? Or at least pants?

You notice in, say, the Mos Eisley cantina, a lot of the creatures there are wearing clothes. Even the wolfman is wearing clothing! Now, the standard argument for Chewie not wearing clothes would be that he doesn’t need them since his thick fur will help keep him warm when it gets cold, but even so you see creatures like the wolfman who also has fur but wears clothes anyway!

It would seem the galaxy has advanced to a point that it is expected of races to wear some sort clothing, and I think the reason why they do this is obvious. Why else would wolfman be wearing clothes?

One might argue that Chewie’s thick fur would cover up his beepis, but what if he gets hit by a laser blast in that area and he loses all his fur? He’s got no pants so he can’t cover up his beepis! And what if he gets a big ol gosh dang (swear word) boner? What’s he gonna do then?

Seriously, you’d think George Lucas would have thought this out a bit more. This is supposed to be a very technologically and culturally advanced galaxy and yet Chewie, and all wookies for that matter, don’t wear pants.

Can anyone explain? This has ruined Star Wars for me and I find it unsettling when Chewie is sitting next to Han without wearing any gosh dang clothes


how drunk are you eric


well that was disappointing


I thought it was alright, everything other than the prequel talk was good. It seemed like he was trying to justify why he hates the prequels when it didn’t need to be justified. He shouldn’t have given those pretentious twats that try their hardest to make the prequels sound good the light of day either. The whole Ring Theory section was kind of unnecessary as well, whether or not it holds any weight doesn’t really affect the quality of the prequels.

I liked all the talk about Star Wars as a brand though, he didn’t really say anything revolutionary but it was interesting nonetheless.

The Force Awakens review was just kinda him pointing out stuff that’s been said before, and I think Mike knew that would be the case hence the talk about Star Wars as a whole.

I thought it was funny and it was interesting for the most part, I wouldn’t say it was as good as his prequel reviews but it was still pretty great. The “subplot” just kinda seemed like an excuse to have Rich Evans show off his George Lucas impression again… I did like JJ Abrams showing up claiming he was a fan repairman from “JJ’s Fan Service” hehe


Another Epic Cinematic Trailer to Star Wars the Old Republic MMO.


Also here are the Original SWTOR trailers





I still watch them from time to time, they are just as good as Blizzard Cinematics.


I hope that Chinese force sensitive guys dies in the movie. Tired of a) typical kung fu guy b) stormtroopers getting defeated by something silly


I’m going to say that there is a 99% chance that all the new lead characters are going to die. It’s a war movie, also non of them ever appears again or is even mentioned. They ded.



Rogue One spoiler

Chinese force sensitive guy does in fact die



A little info on the Harrison Ford accident on the set of Force Awakens. I didn’t realize have serious it was and how much worse it could have been. Had to be crazy scary for him.


And final trailer for Rogue One goes online in about 12 hours.


New Rogue One tReyler (lol funny XD haha wow)


Awesome trailer! i can’t wait to watch it!

Lucasfilm pls…my lightsaber can only get so erect!

Also their Mon Mothma is so fucking spot on!

Sadly her scene from Revenge of the Sith only exist as a deleted scene.


Looks pretty good. As always, I’m hyped about Forest Whitaker’s eyelid the most :wink:


Must say that the new guy (Darth Vader) walks exactly like ol’ Vader.


Who knew that David Prowse was still that fit!


Yeah the new guy must have studied hard :stuck_out_tongue:


I really want David Prowse to voice Vader, that other guy is such a nerf herder.


Who’s scruffy-looking?