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Wilding will do a good job, especially with James returning as the original voice.


Episode VIII updated role list

Who the bloodly hell is Nuke Skywalker!?

There are a couple of theories on who this guy could be. First off i find it unlikely that he is another son of Anakin. But maybe a son of Luke.

Let’s play with that thought. Could he be dead?, or exiled himself after the Knights of Ren attacked Luke’s Jedi Order. Which could also play into him being dead, and he plays his role in a flash back.

Could Luke have an offspring? If we look at old Jedi values from the time of the Galactic Republic and old Republic, then it the Jedi code would forbid it. Though there have been instances where this rule was ignored. Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi was a Jedi who had a lot of offspring, this was tied into the low birth rate of his home planet.

Could Luke have gone a same route to secure the Jedi’s survival? and creating more powerful force users, because of his powerful lineage. I find this very likely, especially because the Old Jedi Order was wrong and blinded by their ways, ignoring emotions in fear of it getting the better of them. It was Luke’s compassion towards his farther that actually saved Vader. Also it was the Jedi’s narrow minded view that also lead to Anakin’s downfall. So i think it’s possible that Luke took a much larger view on the Jedi order, knowing that emotions doesn’t necessarily lead to the darkside. This view is also what defines Luke’s New Jedi Order in the Expanded Universe.

Other possibilities, it could be a young Luke in a flash back and the name “Nuke” is just to throw us off, they are however pretty similar. Another theory i heard is that it’s a clone (i hope not, unless it’s handled very well).

Personally i hope it’s Luke’s son and that he’s alive. Especially if Rey isn’t a “real” Skywalker. Then they could mate and a new generation of Skywalkers could see the day of light.


Probably just some random dude who added himself to the cast lol. Anyone can edit on IMDb


He’s a know actor, not just some random dude. Plus if it’s fake it will be taken down very fast, Disney is not fucking around on pages like that. But only time will tell, if it’s real. You can add yourself on to things, not others.


Wouldn’t say he’s a known actor, he’s been in some small unknown foreign films. Highly doubt he’s actually in the movie lol


He’s still known, he’s not an A-lister or anything like that. But just because he’s not super famous doesn’t mean anything for him being in Star Wars. It’s more or less tradition in Star Wars to hire unknown talent for big roles, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, Daisy Didley, John Boyega (okay he’s not totally unknown, but wasn’t a big name before) even Hayden Christensen was only known for small roles in TV-Movies and TV-shows. So the fact Christopher Kardos is not a big name, does not mean he can’t star in the movie. Plus how often have you heard about a fals cast member added to an movie on IMDB? not this late in a production.


Yeah, IMDb isn’t always reliable, but if it’s a major film details like that are going to be checked. It could also be a placeholder name.

I’m also entertaining the idea it’s a typo of “Luke” and this is a stunt double or stand-in for a flashback scene. “Nuke” is a silly name TBH.


Of course it isn’t, but as you say yourself it’s a major production and his name have actually been there for a couple of days now.

I don’t believe the name “Nuke” being a real one, but rather a temporarily name. If it is true, i hope he’s a son of Luke.


Who then faces off against Kylo Ren? I’d like that.


Luke is 100% going to fight Snoke and i believe he will die at the hands of Snoke in episode 9 and maybe “Nuke” and Rey will try and take down Kylo and some of his followers.


I guarantee you, that dude won’t be in the movie. IMDb isn’t reliable. Anyways here’s Pablo Hidalgo’s comment on it

And that was for Rogue One


Yes and it was removed almost instantly, this been there for days. An actor would gain nothing for adding himself to big budget movie.

Why do you find it that unbelievable? Because the character is named Skywalker? It’s not like Luke havn’t had kids in the expanded universe.


I’m not a Star Wars fan but I have one simple question.

Did Darth Vader say “Luke I am your father” in the film?


Nope, he said “no, I am your father” :stuck_out_tongue:


Just testing the Mandela effect :slight_smile:


I guessed :grin:



I guess some times you read what you want to read. I see your point. Though i still believe that it’s a possibility that Luke could have a kid of his own.

WHAT! is Vader, Lukes farther! ffs! careful with spoilers!


Now with Carrie Fisher passing away, i have to wonder what this means for episode 9. Since Episode 8 is done filming, there shouldn’t be that much more for her to do other then occasional reshoots.

But what does this mean for episode 9? since according to rumors she would play a much larger role in Episode 8, then she did in 7. Which i only find natural, where the last movie was very much Harrison Ford’s movie of the returning characters and Mark Hamill was only on screen for less then 2 min without any spoken word.

How are they going to handle her absents from episode 9? so far the screen writers havn’t taken into consideration that she would pass away. One has to wonder if they will have to change the ending for episode 8? to either kill her off or explain her absents in other ways.


I’m kinda worried about that. The director for Episode 9 has said that he wanted it to be more Luke and Leia’s movie. Personally I think Leia was to be involved a lot with Kylo’s turn back to the light. Wonder how extensive the rewrites will be.