Everything STAR WARS! [Spoiler tags mandatory]


I think EA’s Battlefront did a lot of things right, but i also think it did a lot more wrong. That in the end watered down the experience and what i really wanted from the game. But weather or not the first lived up to my hopes, i’m buying Battlefront II.


I hope they learn allot from battlefield 1 and the feedback they got from battlefront 1. It seems they started to listen to the battlefront fans when they released certain updates(for example adding space fights). I also think they are adding prequel content because the battlefront subreddit is asking about it since day 1.


Lol i want Battlefield 2(WW2). Im waiting for the sale because First one was good but it was also pretty bad


To be honest i don’t think there are any problems with Battlefield 1, only complain i have are Baynet charges and that the DLC / Premium model is hurting the game.


Battlefield 1 is really awesome game. Got it from Sale last week


The godsent open beta for first Battlefront saved me a lot of money, so happy EA is taking care of my finances, showing me free of charge how bad their game was :smiley: On a serious note, if they learn from Battlefront EA and make Battlefront EA II better, then maybe I’ll throw some money at them. Unless they pull another $50 season pass that contains stuff that should be in the base game, in that case they can go ekhm themselves.


100% it’s going to have a $50 season pass.


I hope they begin to go the same route as they did with Titanfall 2, releasing map packs for free and dropping this retarded business model called Premium Pass. Since BF3 and especially BF4 and 1 within two weeks of the DLC release date it’s been impossible to find full games in these new maps. Since they are separated from the main game. I really hope they do this for Battlefront II


Yes hope because thats only thing you can do right now:) Its very clear that EA is greedy


I kinda don’t get it why they pull this anti-consumer shit with maps in games like BF and BF (these names…) while Mass Effect 3 and now Andromeda alongside the Titanfall Mads mentioned, get all of the maps free for all players, with a different kind of microtransactions like the packs in ME that you can easily grind out on your own.

I mean it’s the same publisher right? Why go in such opposite ways with their games.


Well it think they are trying out this model with Titanfall 2, but it clearly doesn’t work and the past two Battlefield games have proven that. But this is not just a EA problem, the same goes for COD. Which is Battlefields only competitor on the shooter marked in terms of sales and popularity. If one of them changes, the other will follow.

I believe when the next BF comes out, there will be no more Premium pass. I hope they try again with Battlefront.

I think it might be some kind of trail, to see how it works out for them, before they change their model.


Don’t forget that mass effect is 90% a singleplayer game and the multiplayer is just extra. For both mass effect 3 and mass effect andromeda they charge/are going to charge big time for the single player DLC.


According to some rumors there will be Obi wan Kenobi movie starring Ewan Mcgregor


This is hihgly likely, it been rumored since they announced the spin off movies. I say that there is a very good chance that it will happen.


Supposedly it’s to be announced today or tomorrow at the star wars celebration in Orlando.

Let’s hope it’s true!


I can almost say with certainty it will happen.

Also i’m watching the Opening panel right now

also this needs to be her

May the force be with her, always.


Really? From What I’ve heard he hated being in these movies and wasn’t interested in returning. Interesting.


That’s not true at all, Ewan have expressed a bunch of times that he’s more than willing to return to the role of Obi-Wan. You can even see how much he enjoys himself on sets. His uncle on the other hand who played Wedge Antilles in the original trilogy, have been very harsh on Star Wars.

Only thing where I heard Ewan talking out against Star Wars, is against certain types of fans. Who don’t respect boundaries and push to get an autograph to sell online.


Sorry, my mistake then.