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Found this poster on IMDB on The Last Jedi’s page, what do you guys think?


Oh my god i got tears in my eyes! the start when the music kicks in my eyes got watery!


MADS Right now:


Me right now


Looks like At-At made comeback.


Dat trailer doe


Interesting theory about Luke ending the jedi order to make room for a new kind of force user that is light but is allowed to use emotions.

#896 I’m ready to update this opening when SW8 will come out :grin:


Awesome poster, I gotta say all the red theme surrounding this movie is really getting my hopes up for something darker than TFA was. Maybe not KotOR 2 darker, but at least a bit. I’d kill for an R rated Star Wars movie. God knows I’ve already seen all the X rated ones ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I think the TFA was pretty dark all in all, but The Last Jedi will more or less mirror Empire Strikes back in tone. Not that is going to be a copy, but it will be pretty dark.


Rey is the chosen one. It wasn’t Anakin.


It is and it’s canon that Anakin is the chosen one. Just watch Star Wars Clone Wars the Mortis Trilogy, it’s confirmed that he is the chosen one. Also Anakin does bring balance to the force at the end of Return of the Jedi, it just takes Luke to bring him back from the darkside.

That is only a rumour and if she is, it’s more likely that she’s a reincarnation of the Chosen one. Born out of the force, just like Anakin. Same being, but different persons. But all this is just speculations, it’s a fact that Anakin is the chosen one.


It still cracks me up how jedi call utter destruction of the opposite side a “balance”.


Well the Jedi in the prequel trilogy is ment to portray a Jedi Order that have grown arrogant and blind by their own arrogance. But then again one can understand why the Jedi thinks that Balance can only be untainted if you remove the embodiment of the Darkside. Since the Sith bends the force to their will and the Darkside is more or less a perverted version of the Lightside or just the force. But the Jedi are wrong in believing that you can’t be between the two and control them, that is what Luke ultimately does in the Return and what Anakin does in the Mortis Trilogy.


I believe that with the Last Jedi we will get the another Force Vision from Rey and it will show us more of what happened when Luke’s Jedi Academy that was destoryd by Kylo and the Knight of Ren.

and the opening shot of Rey in the teraser is connected to this vision



This is the final season btw. Surprised.

Crossing fingers for something Old Republic after they’re done with Rebels.


They are doing a mini series called Star Wars Forces of Destiny


I wasn’t even aware of this thing. Filoni says something about “self-contained adventures”… sooo no real plot and just all fillers like 80% of Clone Wars and Rebels? Well that’s not very interesting at least for me.

I just wish Lucasfilm would finally get away from the old stuff after Episode IX is done. A lot of people want Old Republic or just really something… different. So far all they do is cashing in on the stuff that we already know. The Han Solo movie, probably a Boba Fett movie coming sometime down the road, the Kenobi movie that was already brought up. All of these guys die and we know how and when. I just want something new that does not screw with a 40 years old timeline and doom the entire cast like the Rogue One and Rebels does.

BioWare and Obsidian really paved an awesome way for a really good stuff that is totally disconnected from the saga so it can take every chance, pull of whatever it wants, yet Disney doesn’t seem interested, at least officially.


I would say that number is a bit on the high end, Rebels does have a narrative that follows through all the seasons. There are some filler episodes here and there, but Rebels does a narrative. Clone Wars also has a narrative, especially Darth Mauls ark, Mortis Trilogy and so on. Don’t be to quick to dismis those two shows.

I think Forces of Destiny will be funny enough to watch and gain some more insight into the characters.