Everything STAR WARS! [Spoiler tags mandatory]


I watched all of Clone Wars and Rebels and I like them for what they are, I’m aware of their long term narrative, I was just saying that this Forces of Destiny thing sounds like some Lost Episodes or Extra Adventures kind of thing, like the random missions on Clone Wars with Windu and Jar Jar or Chopper’s lost limb episode in Rebels, stuff that nobody cares about or asked for.

I don’t expect these things to be more than they are - a kids shows, that’s why I’m not critical, I’m just saying I don’t like some things and decisions like let’s say roflcopters in the season 2 finale. No idea whose idea was it but man was it ridiculous.


EA on livestream now


Okay i get what you mean, Forces of Destiny is not something i’m super excited about myself. However i’m going to watch it non the less, especially because it doesn’t seem so time consuming.

Well we have to remember that Clone Wars and Rebels are for and formost a kids shows, these filler episodes are not created to cater to the adult fans, like myself.

I need to bring attention to this video!

Denis Lawson aka. Wedge Antilles famus Star Wars grump and hater is at Celebration…also he’s Ewan Mcgregor’s uncle.

Bit surprised to see him turn up, he’s not been very kind towards Star Wars and even told his Nephew Ewan not to get mixed up in the Franchise.

Also the Trailer for Battlefront II is out


Ea updated the battlefront website with allot of info.


Oh i seen him before

Nice to see this “character” appear again, he first appeared in the Star Wars comic called Shattered Empire by Marvel. It takes place after the Battle of Endor and plays a crucial message to Imperial Generals to begin operation Cinder. A message directly from the Emperor and a ploy to fool them into believing that he’s still alive. Very interesting

Also i hope that the hole Singleplayer is played from a stormtroopers point of view


Rey Palpatine or Rey Kenobi ? :no_mouth:


Watch this and see if you recognize Absolution’s generic guard voice lol





Battlefront 2 Alpha is fun!


Is there a closed Beta or? did you try it at a game conference?


There is a closed alpha atm but it’s under nda :sweat:


New Last Jedi Poster

Really digging the minimalist look it has to it, very stylish and not a very traditional Star Wars poster.

And a behind the scenes video


I stopped watching trailers for pretty much anything long ago, but here you go, fellow Rebels fans, enjoy.


Don’t you have to be 15 to play Hitman?


Looking forward to Season 4, think Season 3 was among the best Animated TV-Show to date.


Dang it. Just don’t tell anyone!


Really wish Triple-Zero and Beatee will be animated. Those two droids in comic books are so good.


I think they are way to dark for an animated tv show. Clone Wars and Rebels have gone dark before, but these two droids favorit past time is murdering in all kinds of twisted ways.