Everything STAR WARS! [Spoiler tags mandatory]


Spoiler: Darth Vader never actually says " Luke, i am your father"


Damn, why you gotta go and spoil it like that? Haven’t gotten the time to watch Empire yet, been busy since it came out


You might aswell not watch it anymore. Sorry dude


Director Colin Trevorrow leaves Star Wars Episode 9, due to creative differences.

I’m actually happy about this and been hoping for it ever since he was announced. In my eyes he’s a very mediocre director and a big misfit for the Star Wars universe. I hope Rian Johnson continues his work in Episode 9 and he stated that he would direct another Star Wars movie again in a heartbeat.


Yeah, I’m not particularly sad to see him go. Let’s see who they replace him with.


Yeah Darth Vader actually says: “Obi-Wan Killed your father.”


Then they dubbed in “I am Your Father” in post. So, imagine the surprise when the cast and crew saw THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK’s final cut and they got to the final sequences…


So they chose J.J. Abrams to direct Episode IX.

Not hugely excited about this, given my response to the Force Awakens was more “meh” than anything. Rian Johnson is a better director and would’ve been my preferred choice.

Getting Abrams back was a very safe move and not particularly ambitious, which is what this franchise needs.


Is it official that J.J is to direct episode IX?

Well Rian was Luacsfilms first choice and it’s clear why. But i do understand why he turned it down, he finished working on the last Jedi and been working on it for around 3 years. I can understand why he wants to take a step back for a time and relax.

That said i think that J.J is the next best choice, yes TFA was a very safe film. But that was what Star Wars needed at the time, Lucasfilm need to distance itself from the backlash of the prequels and give people a very classic Star Wars film that holds true to the spirit. I think if he was to direct the 9th film he would do it differently and not be held back by the pressure to bring the most influential movie franchise back to it’s glory as well as roots.

In many ways TFA need to be what it was, not only was it Lucasfilms wish but also J.J vision for the project for the movie close to the roots. It might have been a film that played it safe, but i think it needed that.

Other then J.J, maybe Spielberg could finally get his chance to direct a Star Wars film. Hell he was suppose to direct both Episode 3 as well as one of the originals. I always wanted to see him direct one.


Risk, Money (spent as well as at stake), and known artistic quantity means JJ gets Episode IX.


If, like the VII, JJ wants to make another “retro” movie, we (and the whole saga) are f****d.
Let’s hope he’ll be inspired.


I also would like to believe this. JJ finished the difficult hill climb with his “first STAR WARS movie”.

You have to remember that JJ is as big a fan of 80’s and STAR WARS films as many of his/our generation. So this is always the hardest thing - to make a film in a series you are beholden to.

Not every great director can pass that test (see: Bryan Singer and SUPERMAN RETURNS).

Many times you actually need to “hate something 20%” to be able to actually do good and make the kind of hard, objective decisions that lead to the project progressing properly. JJ definitely had that issue where he was 90% in love with the material of STAR WARS, and I think it was courageous of him to deliver the film in “good working order” as it is.

But that’s the point, he passed that point - with flying colors mostly.

So I think JJ can indeed stretch his legs more on this and can inject more of his authority on the picture rather than having those little doubts which can occur on that nervous first picture.


Exactly, there was a huge pressure on J.J’s shoulders with TFA and i think he nailed it. Not only did he manage to introduce us to new characters that have become iconic and beloved, Rey, Finn, Poe and giving us a villain that gave us a more nuanced conflict then what Lucas gave us over 3 films in the prequels. Also the fact that it felt like Star Wars, i’m not going to look down on him for using similar plot points from past films…Star Wars is an classic fairtale story and things repeats itself.

That said i don’t think that it would be the right move in the last episode to play heavy on nostalgia, he done that and it was needed for Episode 7. I hope and think he will take a more daring take on episode 9, then he did with the fist film, but i don’t think it will push the envelope as much as Rain’s The Last Jedi.


We also have to factor in that JJ has to work off the result of Rian Johnson’s Episode VIII, so there is already the element where there is a “3rd party influence” on the Episode IX.

This is another key difference to the situation ahead of VII where JJ basically could develop it in a vacuum.

The other thing about STAR WARS (or any major property) is that in the collective group, you’re going to have a LOT of disagreements.

At the Batman meetings there’s always going to be that guy who says: “Batman wouldn’t do that”. And it’s going to put you on a backfoot (note: This supposedly happened in real life). Larger than life properties always have this thing where everybody (including people on the inside) have their own views and internal “fan theories” of where it should be going. And these aren’t just ordinary fans. Sometimes these are the people signing your budget. You ever wonder what the phrase “Artistic Differences” means? It sometimes boils down to people with power not agreeing with the people on direction and not agreeing with the person who is signing the cheque. Because they all LOVE the property and can’t agree where it’ll go.

So TFA coming out the way it did surprised me. Because it was “safe” but also took risks in other areas. For one, Kylo Ren was unmasked immediately where the obvious safe way was for the “big bad with the red laser sword” to at least keep his mystique for 2 films if not all 3. There were other things. But overall I felt “This is a courageous and successful effort”.

Episode IX should be liberating for all involved.


Star Wars - The Last Jedi Trailer 2 is live and it’s awesome!


Should I watch it? I’d rather not to. Is it like TFA trailer? As in, awesome but tells you pretty much nothing? The director himself advises against watching it.



I think you should, i don’t it really spoils anything. It kinda does, but it seems to be a bit cryptic and there could be more to it then what we see.


O M G, this is going to be sooo awesome in IMAX, can’t wait :star_struck:


I dont know, Star Wars is dead to me. I love the Original Trilogy and like the Prequels, but somehow i cant get into the new Movies.
Perhaps because all the charismatic Villains are dead, Darth Vader, Emporer Palpatine and Jabba the Hutt - i think i just dont care about Snoke and Kylo Ren.


One of 5 people that liked the prequels then.

I think this is the shot in the arm that SW needed. Episode 7 and Rogue One were awesome


Some thoughts on the new trailer:

AT-AT Walkers? ✓
Villain walking around with storm troopers? ✓
Evil henchman presenting himself to boss on bended knee? ✓
Force-sensitive character being trained in a remote location? ✓
Trainee spending time in a cave? ✓
Rebel fleet in disarray? ✓
Snow planet? ✓
Snow creatures? ✓
Villain makes an appeal to fulfill destiny? ✓

Yeah, the new Star Wars trailer isn’t filling me with optimism that it isn’t gonna rehash one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time. It looks like they’re getting another Death Star (or planet) of some sort, given all those troops in a massive hangar bay. There’s a few sparks of originality there as well, and the dynamics of Luke’s relationship with Rey are clearly going to be a focal point in he film – he’s the new Yoda. I can only hope they’ll fill it in with enough material so that those similarities don’t define the overall experience.

For a while now, trailers are far too long and unnecessarily reveal information we don’t need to know. Overall, it was a pretty standard Hollywood clip montage that could’ve been shortened by half and not given away all those glimpses of pivotal scenes. Trailers should be short, ambiguous, yet intriguing “tastes” of a film. The Twin Peaks season 3 trailers are a perfect example of this.