Everything STAR WARS! [Spoiler tags mandatory]


Empire Strikes Back is still my favorite


Well i do like them, well i like aspects of them. I don’t like Attack of the Clone, but Phantom and Revenge i like.


The potential for a great story is there for sure but they are just really poorly made movies.


The Mr Plinket reviews are essential viewing for anyone on why the prequels are poorly made movies


What on earth is that seal-guinea pig hybrid next to Chewbacca? It looks like it came straight from Alvin and the Chipmunks.


It’s a Porg, it’s a bird of some kind. Native to the Skellige. It’s cute and going to make Lucasfilm and Disney a lot of money in Merchandise. In my eyes it’s better then the Ewoks and Jar Jar.

  1. Revive much-loved franchise
  2. Create cute weird animal to sell toys
  3. Profit!


Well it always been about creating toys, that is what Lucas made most of his fortune on back in the old days of Star Wars. I don’t mind the Porgs as long as they don’t take The First Order down with sticks and stones.


That’s one of the few things I actually liked about the Ewoks! I’m all for the underdog winning.


Yeah there are only two camps, those who like Ewoks and those who find it to be the worst thing about Revenge :stuck_out_tongue:


Why can’t someone just be there for fun and not be some toy conspiracy


I didn’t bring up the toys, but it’s a shame if that’s what they brought in the character for.


Well you could ask George Lucas and Peter Jackson, who went overboard with some parts.


Hey, even CGI-outfit-on-human-head-clones Lucas used a mask for Chewbacca.


Towards the end of the latest trailer we see a conversation between Rey and Ben, where she asks for help. There been a lot of talk about misdirection in generel when it comes to the trailer, i come to believe that this scene from the trailer edited to look like that and that conversation is in the movie.

Looking at the background sounding Rey, it’s all pitch black.

Looking at the background sounding Ben we can spot a lot of light from fire falling all around him.

I do think if this was the same sense, there would be more light in Rey’s shot as well as fire falling down.

Also it’s nice to see a throwback to Revenge of the Sith, when Anakin Attacks the Jedi Temple.


I could believe it could be a force flashback to when Kylo attacked Luke’s Jedi Temple.


I’m not buying the edited angle, looks perfectly plausible to me, particularly since there are more similarities between the shots than differences. Kylo reaching out his hand also fits contextually.

I don’t think they’d be so deliberately misleading about it. We’ve heard for a long time this’ll be a darker, unconventional story. The trailer fits with that.


Maybe its like Empire Strikes Back? Maybe bad guys are going to win this round too


Well it the second movie in a trilogy, it’s always the second movie where it looks bleakest for the Heroes, it’s kinda given.


It’s common knowledge now that the scene is edited. Rey is probably sitting by the same campfire that we saw Chewie sitting by, while Kylo is clearly in some sort of burning inferno.


This is indeed true.

AGE OF EXTINCTION trailer comparisons of the same shot.

The one on the left was used during the Superbowl at the time. The one on the right is the same shot but in a trailer released later.