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I love this guy but his outro is just terrible :laughing:


then… they go around and do this:

Gotta love how Disney’s PR machine works overtime trying save face of even disgraced partners that were just smacked down by themselves.


Well to be honest it wouldn’t make sense for Disney to go out and bash EA and their business practices. That would only reflect poorly on them self, making it seem like a unserious decision to let EA have the licens to begin with. Disney is going to support EA in the publicly, but it should be easy to concluded that isn’t the hole story and their are a lot of problems behind the scenes, or they wouldn’t have stepped in.

I’m still sure that EA isn’t getting their licens renewed by 2023, unless they turn the ship around.


And knowing EA and their greediness this Will not happen


I wouldn’t be so sure of that, EA might be greedy. But if it turns out that this business model bites them in the ass, they will eventually have to change their approach. That might not be now or even in 10 years, but at one point they will learn their lesson.


It is apparent that there is at least one or more Disney execs who may be in the same position as me - either following actual gaming news, or is an avid gamer himself.

If it were me… I’d toss out the name CDPR for example.

Sure they cannot afford to pay for the SW licence… but there’s other ways to share the benefits of a CDPR hit SW game. Besides, EA needs to be taught that their position can be threatened, and think of the headlines when Disney announces they are partnering up with CDPR - a fan darling among gamers.

I do have a conflict of interest though… I have a number of SW THE OLD REPUBLIC characters… who would quickly all be invalidated if EA lost the deal. hehehe. :stuck_out_tongue:


As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in protest and were finally heard. I feel something amazing has happened


So now that STAR WARS: EA’s Battlefront II is out, one (if not my favorite) of my favorite reviewers took a shot at the game. AngryJoeShow goes over both the multiplayer, talks about the whole EA controversy and how (somehow now) their shitty tactics came to light, the campaign, and how the game is in whole.

There are spoilers in this review, but minor ones.

The way Joe does things is kinda…OOF…but don’t let that distract you.

For my opinion of the game: the multiplayer is shit. The gameplay feels like shit. The game looks and sounds good. The campaign is some weird, disappointing Republic Commando/Imperial Commando-remix/ripoff instead of an ACTUAL Battlefront campaign as a soldier, and is total shit chock full of Call of Duty-esque overdramatic, overdone bullshit. I totally do not recommend. Save your $60. Unless you actually wanted to start out fairly, then save your $80.


Simply put the game has been ‘EA-fied’ to appeal to the masses or the game has been changed from a story driven experience to a fucked-massive-multiplayer $60 AAA bona fide SHEEEIT. lol

love angry joe btw good to see EA getting the shit it utterly deserves.

Also this is gold


This is the best one :smiley:



“EA Loses $3.1 Billion in Stock Value After Battlefront 2 Uproar”

fuckin’ good.


yep, just wanna see EA getting closed down so it finally releases the licenses for all the sports games that it has been greedily churning on.


Meeeh, closed down is kinda iffy on me. This is probably a bit nice of me to say, but I feel they should suffer more, but get one more chance after not to fuck up. They’ll learn from this.

Games are games, not movies, and NOT your microtransaction bullshit.


yea but i’m still pissed cuz these fuckers killed the “Dead Space” franchise, it had soo much potential :slightly_frowning_face:


Do you know EA Sports Cricket :wink:


yep but i dont like cricket lol i might be the first Indian you ever heard of saying this :wink:


Lol I don’t like it a lot either :smiley: I used to love it and had a dream of becoming a cricketer and playing for India when I was very small. Then I joined a Cricket academy and kids bullied the heck out of me so I left the dream and stopped playing cricket ad much as I used to :(:disappointed_relieved:


I think it’s time to sign this Petition regarding EA’s Star Wars Licens, In the 4 years EA have owned the SW license they only managed to turn out two AAA Star Wars games with poor reviews and a lot of controversy. They also managed to killing off a pure Singleplayer Star Wars game, for the sake of reworking it and making it a game as a service (multiplayer, lootboxes, micro transactions). One would think EA learned anything from this BF fiasco, but the newest UFC game shows similar sign of rotten greed.

Disney and Lucas film have been very protective of their Star Wars brand and i do believe that it’s a possibility that they would revoke their deal with EA to protect their Star Wars brand. Disney is doing every thing they can to avoid bad press.


Very interesting video, but as much as I’d like to believe what this man is saying about the future of EA and gaming industry, I think he’s a bit too optimistic. Time will tell.