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Since this is Star Wars related, thought I’d post this awesome story in here.


I really like Mark Hamill, he’s so down to earth. I would love to meet the guy, he seems so genuine. That was a very sweet tale of brining joy to someone in need.


That’s Mark Hamill.


Catch a Predator


Maybe I haven’t looked around enough to find it, but would it be fair to say there isn’t as much mainstream hype around the release of ‘Last Jedi’ as there was for ‘Force Awakens’?

Booked our tickets yesterday. Only 8 more sleeps to wait now. :grin: I was surprised at how many tickets were still available for most of the showings compared to last year. Inevitable I guess with this set now established. Bit selfish, but I got us seats in the Bristol Odeon this time to add a bit of nostalgia, as it’s pretty close to replicating the type of cinemas I saw the first trilogy in (just without the cloudy smoking section :joy: ).


Of course it’s fair to say, because it’s true. As thy why it’s true… well, I think it’s mainly because of two things.

One: Since Disney took over, people are oversaturated with Star Wars. Die hard fans that read books, comics etc will be fine with that, but most of mere mortals that just consume movies are kinda fed up with it, and if they ain’t they will be eventually.

Before House of the Mouse bought Star Wars, we had the original trilogy, the prequels that a lot of people hated and wanted something new and actually good, and rubbish Clone Wars movie + a decent Clone Wars TV show. Add some games here and there and some novels, that was it. Since Revenge of the Sith (2005) the whole world was on a Star Wars withdrawal, so the big episode 7 was a big world event that people waited a decade for. Similar to the hype that The Phantom Menace had.

We got our Star Wars fill, but Mickey Mouse doesn’t waste any time capitalizing on its biggest franchise. Force Awakens trailers were amazing, everybody was pumped, the movie launched, Disney released Star Wars Rebels and Rogue One, there is Last Jedi, a Han Solo movie that nobody really asked for and a lot of people don’t even want (including myself), a Star Wars live action TV show in the making, another trilogy has been announced as well. So yeah, people WANTED, DESIRED Force Awakens, they got they fix, so naturally hype is lower this time, I mean the Last Jedi trailer has 3x less views than TFA.

Some people have just had enough, and I don’t mean it in a bad way. It’s only natural to get kinda bored when being overexposed to something. I mean even sex can get stale after having it 6 times a day, every day of every week for a month.

Two: A lot of people dislike The Force Awakens, I’m not really in that crowd, I loved the movie, but I know a lot of people hate it, so they don’t really trust in this trilogy anymore and they want to spare themselves further disappointments.

I’m not that hyped myself, I mean I am a little bit. I haven’t watched any trailers by choice and I’m definitely going to the theater to see it, but I’m just fine with my Star Wars atm, there is no drought as with original trilogy -> prequel trilogy and prequel trilogy -> sequel trilogy. Plus I watch Rebels so I don’t crave that much Star Wars. I’m sure I will love the movie and I’ll have goosebumps several times like with Force Awakens, but at the moment I don’t feel that hunger. To be honest I don’t even know the exact date the movie premieres :laughing:.


I don’t necessarily believe that people have grown tired of Star Wars like @borek921 suggests. But we need to keep in mind that after the Prequel trilogy was done, that was it. Many fans accepted that Star Wars was done and it was unlikely that we would get a new trilogy. Lucas was tired of the criticism of the fans and kinda withdrawn from the Galaxy far far away, even if he at some points before ‘The Phantom Menace’ talked about a sequel trilogy.

But then in 2012 the news broke that Disney bought Lucasfilm and a new sequel trilogy was in works. People went crazy, the hype was very real. Star Wars the most influential pop culture icon was back and that meant a lot to the world, it was also a promise to deliver on “true” Star Wars experience. Just like when Phantom Menace was released there was a crazy hype surrounding the film, now Star Wars is back and that means that emptiness and sensation have come and gone. That doesn’t mean that Star Wars fans and other movie fans around the world isn’t hyped for the next two films, it just means that we already had our bite of the cake and are waiting for the next bite.

To be honest I don’t think Disney have been spitting Star Wars material out enough to tire anyone. Since 2012 we had two movies and a tv-show, books and comics. Compared to how Disney treat their Marvel property, they are much more careful with SW. Disney already begun to talk about taking a break from Star Wars and not letting it tired out, something they just recently begun to talk about with Marvel. No i didn’t want a Han Solo movie, but the more i hear about it, the more interested i get.

I think Disney have a unique opportunity with Star Wars that they never had with Marvel. They can create whatever adventure they want and they don’t have to tie every little detail together and create a mess like the MCU. There is much more room for experimentation with Star Wars then there was with the MCU. I don’t think SW will every come to a point where it’s just spitting cookie cutter movies out like Marvel does.

Plus we have no idea when the new Rian Johnson Trilogy is even slated for release, it could easily be on the other side of 2020. I think Lucas film are going to let Star Wars breath, atleast with the main saga.

Anyways i’m crazy hyped about Last Jedi, i bought my tickets long ago and planing to watch it 3-4 times like i did with TFA.


Well, maybe people aren’t tired of Star Wars, that’s not what I meant, what I meant was simply that they just aren’t as hyped, since we’re not in danger of not having Star Wars. Disney’s plan so far seems like releasing one SW movie per year.

Before TFA we had no Star Wars in forever, so everyone went crazy, after we got TFA and we were assured that there won’t be another drought like that, some of the excitement has gone lower, the dust has settled, so there is no SW craze like there was 2 years ago.

So, they’re not tired of SW, they’re just not as hungry for it as much. Speaking of hunger, it’s just like eating, if you’re hungry, you will think of food and when you get it you will be sooo happy. When you’re not hungry, you don’t desire a meal as much, you can eat it and you will enjoy it, but you’re not that desperate for it.


Yeah that I agree with, the hype has died down. If you even can say that, people aren’t just as hyped as when the TFA was about to be released.


Thanks for the detailed replies. @Mads47 @borek921

The main reason I asked is that there doesn’t seem to be as much mainstream coverage this time around. For TFA, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and some of the other main actors were everywhere in the build-up (on random shows the children watch, chat shows, etc.), whereas this time around all I’ve really seen in passing so far is products (ab)using the franchise (shavers, all sorts of crap :laughing:). Maybe that will change in the next few days as it gets closer to release; it’s probably partly to do with not going out of my way to look for any of the press stuff too, tbf.

A slight tangent, but do either of you know a good place, either in this thread or in general, where I could find accurate and detailed information on the deal with Disney? It’s one of those things I’ve meant to look up for a while now, and never quite found the time.


Going to watch the Last Jedi in in hour and 14 min! I’m very excited!

I will post my thoughts and a review of the movie tomorrow, when I get the time to sit down and compel my thoughts into text.


If you spoil ANYTHING I swear to Christ Mads…:laughing:


Just saw Last Jedi


Just got home from the cinema, diffently not a rehash of Empire. That said it does pull on strings that are seen all through the series, but that was to be expected. It’s a movie you need to see more then once to appreciate fully, I can’t wait for my second viewing.

My spoiler free review will up tomorrow.


I never go to watch same movies twice in Cinemas because i think Its Waste of Cash. This is only My option


Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review (SPOILERS)

The latest Star Wars flick was over three hours long - which makes it hard to review accurately, especially having only seen it once. But I will do my best. This review will discuss details of the film by category and WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS.

  1. Capturing the Star Wars Universe

I think the film-makers did a fantastic job of capturing the Star Wars universe in this latest entry. They absolutely nailed the atmosphere of the original trilogy with the use of puppets in preference to the swarm of CGI from the prequel trilogy. The unique worlds, aliens, extra-terrestrial languages and dialects, spacecraft, technology and various cultures depicted were also portrayed with fantastic accuracy. The fresh terrain of the salt/crystal planet was also awesome. Great to see a new type of terrain not yet seen before in the Star Wars universe (deserts and forests become tiresome after a while).

  1. Visual and Sound Effects

Like all of the Star Wars films before this one, the visuals of The Last Jedi were incredible! The explosions, dogfights, light speed wormholes, blaster shots, lightsabers, sound effects (even though there is no sound within the vacuum of space), space scenery, etc, were all utterly amazing and exhilarating to consume and watch!

  1. Soundtrack

Does John Williams ever disappoint? Enough said.

  1. Plot

I felt the plot was nice and original. It certainly differed effectively from the Star Wars formula of the original trilogy and The Force Awakens of having to destroy a spherical super weapon of mass destruction. The Resistance fleeing from the First Order became a little exhaustive over the three hour run, but the subplots of Rey finding herself with the Force and Finn (and his new girlfriend) finding the coder/hacker Del Toro in Galactic Vegas were dynamic and interesting.

However, two annoying and nonsensical plot points were the Force-ghost Yoda’s summoning of lightning and Luke’s amazing ability to create an inter-galactic Force hologram of himself that could somehow hold Leia’s hand yet defy a lethal lightsaber thrust from Kylo Ren.

  1. Character Development

For me, this is where the film fell incredibly short. The character development in this film was nothing short of abysmal. Now I know the Star Wars franchise is all about selling actions figures these days and not about creating a meaningful and coherent story - but when you’re supposed to take this new trilogy as a continuation of the story told in the original - you expect the character development to be on par or at least something like the original. But it’s not, not even close.

The problem with the new trilogy (and particularly this latest entry) is that, because so much time is devoted to action-packed exhilaration, there is no room for character development - not for Han, Leia and Luke, nor for new characters like Rey, Ben, Finn, Poe and Snoke. There was in the original trilogy because there were far less characters. But now that there is a full house - there just simply isn’t enough screen time to give any of these characters any real development or depth (even when the film clocks up to over three hours in length). This does zero justice for beloved characters like Han, Luke and Leia, neither does it do any favours for new and interesting characters like Ben and Rey.

Take, for example, Princess Leia. Her character has barely enough screen time to display any real progression. Her reunion with Luke (which should be emotionally charged) is rushed and dry, and consequently lacks the onset of any nostalgia from the audience whatsoever. This is nothing to do with Fisher’s acting, just the drab dialogue and overtly rushed sequences of key character interaction.

The lack of any explanation of the backgrounds and origins of some of the new characters also hinders their development substantially. When Rey finds Luke’s old lightsaber in the The Force Awakens there is a dramatic flashback that shows her distraught at losing her family and being left behind on Jakku. This suggests that her family are people of significance to the Skywalker line - especially since it is Luke’s lightsaber that sets off this flashback. The identity of Rey’s familial origins were one of the biggest cliffhangers of The Force Awakens that fans speculated on for two years. Then to find out from this latest film that her family were nothing but drunkard nomads that left her on Jakku because she was a drag made the whole spectacle of her origins established in the previous film absolutely null and void - which deeply impacted upon her establishment as a character.

The most infuriating case was the complete lack of explanation regarding the origins of Supreme Leader Snoke. Essentially, a carbon-copy of Palpatine, introduced very effectively in The Force Awakens as a mysterious villain and puppet-master manipulating everything and everyone. Only to have him trivially killed off in the The Last Jedi with zero information on who he was and where he came from - rendering his character, motivations and purpose to the plot utterly pointless.

The story suffers dramatically from all this.

  1. Conclusion

Overall, an entertaining and visually engaging Star Wars film. However, a disappointing sequel to the promising establishment of a new trilogy set up by The Force Awakens in terms of character development and progression. Carrie Fisher’s untimely passing will also present a real problem for the sequel. An offscreen death or a sketchy anecdote explaining her absence won’t do Leia any justice (especially since both Han and Luke received onscreen exits from the franchise).

Final Score: 3.5/5


actually it’s only 2 hours and 32 min, though the longest Star Wars movie to date.

But there is my own review and it will contain spoilers.

Rain Johnson have managed to create one of the best if not the best Star Wars movie to date. But what sets the movie apart from The Force Awakens, is Rian’s direction and bold character development. He certainly takes chances with the movie, some of them pays off and while others feels a bit out of place. What feels most out of place in the Last Jedi is some of the humor doesn’t always seem fitting, it’s not that it’s bad or doesn’t raise a smile or a chuckle, but does it fit within Star Wars? But this is a minor complaint.

Spoiler incoming


The character development in the movie is great and there are three characters really stands out in this regard. Mark Hamil gives us a different and bitter Luke Skywalker, not the Skywalker we deserved and we hoped to see after Return of the Jedi, but a man who have abandoned the Jedi, the force, hope and the galaxy. So ashamed by his failure with his nephew Ben Solo that he exiled himself, a man who don’t believe in himself or Rey. He decides to train Rey to show her why the Jedi should stay dead and tell her the tale of the fateful night Ben Solo turned his back on him and the Jedi.

He never full heartily trains Rey to become a Jedi or even restore balance. He fears the raw power that dwells inside of her, a power that he could not control in his nephew. Rey turns her back on Luke, when she finds out that he has no real wish to train her or even confront Ben Solo.

It takes another wise Jedi Master who himself learned why his own Jedi Order failed to return Luke on his mission, to teach others what he have been taught.


Rey still struggles with her identity, why is she even looking for Luke, who where her parents. While Luke never really takes his time to help her, a bridge and direct link is created between her and Ben Solo. She sense her and his future and so does he. Ben sees her down fall and she sees his redemption. She turns her back on Luke, to help Ben back to the light.

Kylo Ren

His lightsaber is a perfect metaphor for his character, powerful, Angry and unstable. He is constantly reminded why he’s a failure and nothing but a kid in a mask. Not the new Vader that Snoke saw the possibility in. There is a much bigger emphasis on the pull of the light within Ben Solo and how murdering his father have shaken him. But where Darth Vader failed to take action against his master and for fulling his role as a Sith. Ben wastes no time in destroying his Master, while Snoke tortures Rey. Even with his defying act against Snoke, he hasn’t turned from to the light. But rather broken all ties to the past and confronted his weakness to seize control of the First Order. This is a direct mirror to Anakin’s fall at the end of Revenge of the Sith, where he tells Padme that he can overthrow Sidious and together they control the galaxy as they see fit.

Bonus character Snoke!

There are certainly similarities between Snoke and Palpatine, but calling him a carbon copy is a disservice. Character wise they are very different, Snoke is cruel and demeaning towards his apprentice. Palpatine was playful and sarcastic, they are both Evil as they come. But unlike Palpatine Snoke isn’t over confident, but knows his limitations and is even afraid of Luke & Rey. Also he is much physically weaker then Palpatine, but what he lacks in body strength, he certainly process in force Powers. I like that he dies already in the second film, because he serves as Kylo Ren’s real trail into the darkside. Some might see it as we got to little off him, but in reality we got more of Snoke then we ever did of the Emperor in the original trilogy. That Said i had doped to see more off him and i hope that he’s has trick up his sleeve.

The Movie is a blast from Star to Finish, full of great new iconic moments. But i still need to watch it a second time to be sure where it lies on the list. As of the first viewing i will give the movie a 8/10. I’m more then sure that it will score higher the second time.


Snoke - Spoilers!

I know Snoke isn’t the focus of this new trilogy. He seems to be a narrative pawn piece in Kylo’s journey to the dark side. Having said that, he still plays a pivotal role in this trilogy - and does so with quite a presence on screen. Which makes his character much more intriguing to the audience (unlike Palpatine in the original trilogy who was pulling the strings off-screen most of the time). To have such a powerfully villainous character that majorly and deceptively manipulates the course of the majority of the plot line for both films (with significant screen time) and to not include even a hint of backstory or context to his origins and motivations, in my eyes anyway, detrimentally weakens the overall realism and feasibility of the story.


We will learn more about Snoke, but it was already announced months ago that it wouldn’t happen in Episode 8. I’m sure they will explore him more in depth. I think the main problem is that we want more of him, he was interesting and it feels odd not know more about this powerful force character, before his death.

That said I don’t think he’s dead. There are plenty of force users that have survived worse. I hope that he has the ability to regenerate and it would be cool to see him return and devid the first order into two factions. Plus be a problem for both Rey and Kylo.


I agree with you there. His death was an interesting and unexpected plot twist (subconsciously we would expect this trilogy to conform to the original and see Snoke’s demise occur at the climax of Episode IX), but his death did seem premature - Andy Serkis is such a good voice actor and really portrayed Snoke with excellent villainy. There was so much more room for Snoke to be explored - but as I stated previously, he seems to be more a set piece for Kylo’s descent into evil. The tense bond and rivalry between Kylo and Rey is evidently the main focus of this new trilogy. I think Snoke is truly gone - his death will leave a huge void for Kylo to fill and ultimately complete his descent into the dark side. I certainly hope we learn more about Snoke’s backstory and motives in the next film. Here is a whole subreddit expressing the importance of why the absence of Snoke’s backstory and motivations create a gaping hole in the film’s story: