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He did something different with the main story itself, but the film still felt the exact same tonally. It’s like this, all three of these new SW movies are made of plastic. Rian took that plastic and melted it down, formed it into something different, unconventional and kind of ugly. But it’s still plastic.


See this is my problem with the Star Wars fanbase and Hitman fanbase, the creators can’t win. That much is clear, they will never be able to please everyone and to be honest I don’t think they should even try.

  • The Prequels where to different and had little of the originals charms.

  • TFA delivers on what we whined about since 1999, that is also a problem.

  • TLJ it’s different and not in the same tone as TFA…Outrage, it’s the damn prequels all over again.


Speaking for Star Wars, I think they shouldn’t have made these new movies at all. They exist to pander to an obsessive, religion-like fandom that Disney knew would give them billions. The guy who cared about these movies, Lucas, is done. He legally has no more tie to this franchise, and he even called Disney “white slavers”. In 20 years, Disney will pump out another brand new SW trilogy and it will feel eerily reminiscent of modern times. Oh wait, they already are planning a minimum 8 new Star Wars movies, six of those being two separate trilogies. Star Wars should have stayed dead, but now it will live as a Frankenstein-style walking corpse for eternity until the sun goes out or we all explode in nuclear hellfire.


You can’t really take what Lucas says for good, he changes his mind as he goes. Hell he was even working on a new trilogy more then once time and again before the sale to Disney.

I get that not everyone likes the new movies and that is alright. But I still find joy in the new movies and think Disney have treated the franchise alright so far.


I find this to be a very interesting video on the SW community


Have you guys seen this?


i’ve read some rumors about a Jabba the Hutt Movie…would be cool if thats true, can you imagine “the Godfather“ in the Outer Rim?

i wonder if he shows up in the Solo Movie :grinning:


A short video behind the scenes from the Crait battle and also creating Snoke


I will just put this right here…


I wanna ask a question for you fans, so how does a Jedi turn on their lightsaber or activate it? I have my theory but I still wanna hear it from the hardcore fans.


There is a button/switch, it’s pretty simple.


Ah, see I’ve always hated that answer. I always theorized that a Jedi uses the force to ignite the saber. This controlling how it stays on when thrown But disable when he’s punched or looses concentration. There were only two exceptions to that, being Han Solo in the og trilogy and General Grievous in Episode 3.
The Force Awakens just nerfed the lightsaber but I wasn’t counting that one lol.
Sucks that they went with a simple on and off switch. :unamused:


EA new progression system for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 launches March 21, 2018.

Key details:

  • Ability-giving Star Cards, and any other item which affects gameplay, are being pulled out of Crates (the game’s loot boxes) for good. You will unlock and upgrade Star Cards using Skill Points earned by leveling up classes, heroes or ships.

  • Crates will only contain cosmetic items, like emotes and victory poses, and nothing that affects gameplay - and you will not be able to buy them. Crates will be earned through a combination of daily log-ins and completing challenges and milestones.

  • You will be able to spend money in Battlefront 2, directly, on appearances - the first of which are coming in April. You can either spend store-bought Crystals on the appearances or Credit currency earned through gameplay.

So spend money to buy exactly what you want. Not spend money to buy a “platinum” lootbox or something.


It’s a change for the better and what the game should have launched with. Sadly this change to the system is a little to late 5 months later.


Given that there was an exception in the original trilogy, that has to mean that it’s as simple as a switch.


I think people want to overanalyze it because it seems like the lightsabers ignite at different speeds in different circumstances. Like Vader’s saber in TESB comes on slowly for dramatic effect but several sabers come on instantly when there’s sudden action.

Rather than just saying “well it’s a fantasy movie and the speed is arbitrary and for dramatic effect” people want a concrete in-universe explanation. So I think the switch works sort of like my car’s power windows… touch it once, and it comes on at its own speed (virtually instantaneous), or you can hold it and the blade will come out more slowly.

But let’s talk about something important.

SOLO A STAR WARS STORY comes out in May, which is pretty damn soon, and there’s been almost no marketing/hype for it.

Does this mean the movie sucks?

Before you answer, recall that the concept of the movie is patently stupid, that it has been passed between directors mid-production, and that the last “Star Wars Story,” Rogue One, sucked.


I have heard whispers that Disney expects the film to fail. You will note the gap between this film and the next “Star Wars” branded film as well as the lack of Marketing (cutting down Marketing saves at least 50 million USD which is nice if you are expecting the film to fail).

My two cents… which I mentioned to some people in VFX circles was that if it was up to me… The only way a “Han Solo movie” can work is if it was a wacky National Lampoon style comedy where you stealth replace Han Solo… since in a parody environment you can forgive an imposter… and then you turn it around in the end and basically make the new Han Solo “own” the character.

But even with that I failed to get a unanimous approval. hahaha.

Shows you how tough that nut is.

P.S.: I have also heard that Alden Eirenreich actually did land the Han Solo role because of his comedic chops and that the original film as it was intended by Chris Miller and Phil Lord ('The Lego Movie") was actually a pretty funny movie. So not sure if what I had in mind is the same as them. However, we’ll never know now since Miller and Lord were removed from the film and Ron Howard took over after differences between the original director pairing and producer Kathleen kennedy.


There is no way the movie won’t make it’s money back. The question is rather how well will it do compared to Rogue One. This is here where I think the movie might be in “trouble”. Sadly if Solo doesn’t do well there won’t be a Obi-wan film. Disney will take it as a sign that we don’t want Star Wars Stories, not that we won’t get more of this kind of movies, but they will rethink their approach and come up with a new name for them.

They should have done Obi-Wan before Solo. That would have been a much safer bet and it’s a movie fans been hoping for.


Sadly yes, pity. Coulda been much more interesting.


I remember… though I could be remembering it wrong… in early notes by George Lucas, supposedly the lightsaber can be turned on with just a switch, but cannot be used safely in combat unless the wielder has the enhanced reflexes and awareness of the Force.

The weapon is essentially weightless and can cause serious harm to yourself unless you have heightened awareness and dexterity beyond that of a normal untrained person with no Force Mastery. Something like how dangerous nunchaku sticks would be to yourself if you just fling one around.

I could be remembering it wrong, but I recall something like that in very old behind-the-scenes materials and discussions at the time (before Star Wars became super popular).