Evil female fantasy names

Milfi Mastarbaters

10/10 IO please use

Mrs. Kill, plain and simple.

You dont really know any porn star M names do you.

Sneaky! But you sound too eager young man! I don’t think you are ready for my wisdom.


Marsha May
Mia Khalifa
Madison Scott




Margaux White.

Thank you, but the name I´m trying to come up with is not for Hitman. It´s for my own mod project.

One Eyed Myra, Queen of the Galley

Margaret Thatcher


You win. This thread can be closed now.

Come on, does anyone have a serious suggestion?

Marilyn Faux
Mindy Mynx
Monie Tribble

Mine was serious, what are you talking about

Michael Jackson

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While it’s a little bit hackneyed, you could try one of Tolkien’s Elvish languages. The word-root “mor” means shadow or black, so Morgoth means “black enemy”, Mordor means “land of shadow” or “black land”. What does my book say . . . hm, not much more. There are probably name-generators out there.

Eva Braun.

There needs to be an “m” at the beginning.

Meva Braun then!

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Lol…best name EVER!!

Manihot Esculenta
Mangifera Indica
Myristica Fragrans

Poisonous plants, mushrooms, flowers can also serve as inspiration, aside from porn stars.