Evil female fantasy names

You win. This thread can be closed now.

Come on, does anyone have a serious suggestion?

Marilyn Faux
Mindy Mynx
Monie Tribble

Mine was serious, what are you talking about

Michael Jackson

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While it’s a little bit hackneyed, you could try one of Tolkien’s Elvish languages. The word-root “mor” means shadow or black, so Morgoth means “black enemy”, Mordor means “land of shadow” or “black land”. What does my book say . . . hm, not much more. There are probably name-generators out there.

Eva Braun.

There needs to be an “m” at the beginning.

Meva Braun then!

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Lol…best name EVER!!

Manihot Esculenta
Mangifera Indica
Myristica Fragrans

Poisonous plants, mushrooms, flowers can also serve as inspiration, aside from porn stars.

Or from happy gilmore:
“Mista Mista”

Quenya “Morkala” would be “black light”.

Thats exactly what I´m looking for. I have some ideas about a name that starts with “Mor” Like “Morcara” or some other spelling that sounds evil.

I dont like name generators. Results are usually bad.

Generators not so good, yes, but the extreme popularity of the books means there are online translators (Google don’t do Sindarin or Quenya) so think of a few nasty-sounding things and see what comes out the other side.

Since you`re a moderator, I guess I have no choice but to agree with you.

Michael Jackson was a very good suggestion indeed. Thank you so much mister Watson.

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Classic E. A. Poe= haunting of:

Can you recommend any good name generators? The ones I tried has been dissapointing.

Try this site, it lists a few. To be honest I’m not an expert at those online sites but did dig into them a bit some time ago. A good source of ideas is ICE’s Middle-Earth Adventure Guidebook 2 from 1989, it has a section on words and word-roots (which is where I made up Morkala). It can be found online (note it’s a copyright work, maybe, though 1989 is a while back now).