Executive producer of Hitman3 left IOI

Executive producer of Hitman3, Forest Swartout Large left IOI to start new video game company – Twin Suns Corp. with 15 other veterans of the industry.


There is IO Interactive DNA in this new video game company, Twin Suns Corp.

  1. Twin Suns Corp. is backed financially from Hiro Capital, a London based investment company founded in part by Ian Livingstone, who was president of Eidos Interactive. Eidos Interactive was the publisher of IO Interactive before IO interactive was purchased by Square Enix.

  2. Twin Suns Corp. was founded by Tim Longo, Jr. who was the lead producer of the Tomb Raider franchise at Crystal Dynamics. Forest Swartout Large who was the lead producer of Hitman III at IO Interactive was working at Crystal Dynamics on the Tomb Raider franchise with Tim Longo, Jr.

Tim Longo, Jr. was the lead creative director of the recent Halo Infinite, and was lead producer of Star Wars. Jeff Morris at this new company was producer of Gears of War.


Tim Longo Jr also does a podcast called Dev Game Club where he and fellow developer Brett Douville (an old colleague from their shared LucasArts days) replay old classic games to discuss their design and the impact they’ve had on the industry today. One of their very earliest series of podcasts was a 5 episode run on Hitman 2: Silent Assassin - link to the first episode here:



Is it possible that the first IP from this Twin Suns Corp. composed of Tim Longo, Jr., Forest Swartout Large and Jeff Morris as major producers/directors will be a Hitman/Tomb Raider/Halo/Gears of War/Deus Ex/Star Wars -type stealth-action-adventure game?

This covers all possibilities from their backgrounds… Maybe you can change outfits and assume control of the Master Chief or Agent 47 or Laura Croft or Luke Skywalker…

Best of luck to her, she did a great job with Hitman 3.

Wonder who the replacement will be?

Another pickup for the Twin Suns Corp video game company is Håkan Almer, a level designer for Hitman at IO Interactive.