Expansion pack 1

I purchased the regular edition of hitman 2 but I want to purchase the first expansion pack to get access to special assignments. Does anyone know if it will be available to purchase on the 25 of June.

We don’t know at this moment. Although, the bank and 2 bonus missions seem to be the last batch of Expansion Pack 1 (with Winter Sports Pack and Huntu Port being released earlier). So it is reasonable for IOI to make the pack available on June 25th.

Be sure to submit this question later on the question for IOI thread, they may answer that in the next livestream. :slight_smile:

Alternatively you could just upgrade to the gold edition and then you’ll get both the bank and other expansion 1 items and then, whenever it drops, you’ll get the 2nd expansion pack items (which will be another new map).

Both EP 1 & 2 are in placeholders but as of this moment, the only way to get the dlcs are by either owning silver edition (EP 1) or Gold/Collectors (EP 1 & 2).
Expansion Pass can also be bought seperately.

What platform are you on? pretty sure the expansion pass if purchased through steam is dirt cheap.

If you have PS4 & have North American account, the season pass is on sale for $23.99 until next week.

Just checked The Bank blog post and it does state you wont be able to purchase The Bank separately. Seems the only way to get this would be to purchase the complete expansion pass.