Expansion Pack 2 - Wishes for Pack 2 [Weapons, Items, Cosmetics]

So we know there’ll be a pack for Expansion Pack 2 like the Winter Sports Pack from Expansion Pack 1, where we got;

  • Winter Sports Suit
  • Arctic Toolbox
  • Quickdraw (fiberwire)
  • Piton (lethal melee)
  • Snowball (non-lethal melee)

What are some stuff you want in the next pack?

Do you want it to be themed?

  • Yes
  • No

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Why I’m asking this is because having a winter themed pack would be alot better if we would’ve gotten a winter themed map instead of giving us a Winter Sports Suit that doesn’t go along with the majority of locations.

Let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:

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“Old Painless is waiting…”

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Mhmm… I had to google it.

That would be an awesome long awaited pack but what could be included other than the disguise?

The minigun we’ve been missing since C47… :wink:


I don’t think we’re ever getting a gun that’s stronger than what we already have.
I’d like to be proven wrong though.

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Well it would be great if it was Suspicious in any disguise. And then we’ll have funny videos of “Mad Flamingo with a Minigun”. :smiley:


i’d like a suit that’s more of an actual suit


Just stuff that’s actually cool, one item that hopefully has a unique feature, and no more than 1 joke item in the whole pack.

No fibre wire reskins pls, no generic throwable lethal items that have no other uses either

Some ideas:

  • Dual ballers
  • Remote emetic gas canister
  • Double-breasted suit
  • Giant briefcase with hidden compartment that can at least smuggle in non-large illegal items
  • A (silenced?) assault rifle that has an actually usable scope
  • Sedative syringe
  • Slow acting consumable poisons (all three types)

Cardboard tube

Since it’s summer and there’s an island map coming,I believe a 30’s swimsuit is in order :smile:

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Something like the Rolex Submariner from Roger Moore’s run as James Bond.

It would also present new gameplay possibilities and would be a cool piece of paid product placement too for whichever brand ended up on the watch.

it’s just some idea i posted in a thread many months ago. it may not be the most feasible item, but at least it’s different.


So basically a short-cut version of the “Place Cannabis Joint/Smoke Cannabis Joint” gag?

i haven’t heard of this gag.

With Cannabis Joint:

With Hallucinogenic Drug:

The Medical Malpractice Pack :smile:

Something fitting to the content that they are going to release within expansion 2, If I’m honest apart from when they were first released I’ve not used anything within winter sports pack again.

It would be good to see a mixture of gimmicky and ‘serious’ items/weapons, definitely that could be useful within The Resort location.

I only want it to be themed if it fits in with a (future) location.

  • Dual ballers
  • R93 sniper
  • Suits With closed jacket
  • Suit from Sniper Challenge
  • Dual barrel shotgun
  • M60
  • Jungle Suit from C47
  • Silverballer mkI from C47 and SA
  • Classic Briefcase from SA to BM