Expansion pass Won't download?

I spent 40 dollars on this thing and it won’t download? everytime i click download it does nothing. can someone please help me fix this problem asap.

The “expansion pass” is just a label for all the content it contains. These contents can be downloaded, but not “expansion pass”. Do you mean the Bank, the Sniper missions and the Special Assignments are not ingame for you?


Expansion Pass isn’t a downloadable thing.
Expansion Pass is a thing which opens you access to additional content.
This additional content should be searched and downloaded manually.

So go search in your store something you want to play and have and hit Download button on the page of searched DLC.
For example you can get New York (The Bank) location. Go search for it in your store.
You can get Sports Pack, Siberia, Hantu Port etc, etc, etc.
I think if you go to HITMAN 2 page on your store you can find all the DLCs listed there on that page.
Just type the name of the DLC in search field and download it


As the people above has said, the Expansion Pass grants you free access to its DLC content.

What platform are you playing on?
In your platform’s store, You should look for ‘The Bank’ or ‘Special Assignments’ or ‘Winter Sports Pack’.

There’s a lot of content related to the expansion pass.

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I.O.I. should do a meme about THIS and should give all the scattered npcs from upcoming locations a secret line with hints how the dlc-policy of the game/I.O.I. maybe could or should work.

Im wondering right now if both nerds in the basement of the bank talking about this too.