Expansion Pass

Hi, I wanted to know if anyone has had the same problem as me. I bought the Hitman 2 Expansion Pass which gives me access to the New York and Siberia missions and the other bonus content but when I started up the game it said I needed to download the Expansion Pass so I went on the PS store to get it in case I had to re-download the pass but it just showed me a blank page then the same page to download it after about a second. I’m not quite sure why as it shows me as having it in both the Trophies section of the PS4 Pro and in the Store section of Hitman 2 and yet it still says I need to “GET ACCESS” to it in the PS store (this is where it kept going blank when I clicked on “Download”). Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance

If you bought Expansion Pass you’re granted to have all additional contents that had and will drop.
Only thing you have to do after you bought it is to search all the DLCs manually in your store.
Search manually and download it manually from it’s page.
And everything will work

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From the Hitman store?

If you’re on PS4, go search for DLCs in PS Store

Oh ok, wasnt sure, thanks