Experiencing server issues and Epic exclusivity gripe

Im having a ton of server issues, which is annoying, but I understand the game is just out so its completely forgivable. I really enjoy the game (when its uninterrupted) and the team did a great job - my complaints are for management signing exclusivity deals with Epic and the server problems.

However, Its so annoying to have nearly everything work perfectly with the game itself, but get constant pop-ups pausing the game to reconnect every few minutes. I assume that will go away later, but if not its a deal breaker for me… I cant stand playing it with the server issues pausing it every few minutes (not being dramatic about it).

Also, I really wish you all didn’t sign this exclusivity deal with Epic. Its such a garbage platform and huge hassle to use in so many ways. Please don’t do this again in the future… not sure if I will buy at launch again if its an Epic exclusive until the deal ends and I can get it on Steam.


Yeah, the servers across all platforms have been unstable for the launch week. But if you wish to know their current status, @Hardware has made this excellent site for you to check: