Explaining H2 Editions Guide

I’m making a visual guide to explain HM2’s confused editions, just mocked this up.

On the subreddit I see people confused about where to start or what to buy, and others complaining about the limited then scattered DLC info. I’m working to fix that with a simple image for people to share. Better late than never. HMU if somthing should be edited.


Legacy Pack isn’t purschasable, it can only be redeemed so you should add GOTY Legacy Pack.

How to obtain GOTY Legacy Pack;

  • Redeem if you own H2016 Game Of The Year/Definitive Edition and or if you upgraded to Game Of The Year.
  • GOTY Legacy Pack can be bought for $20.
  • Legacy Pack can be upgraded to GOTY Legacy for $10 by buying GOTY Legacy Pack Upgrade.

GOTY Legacy Pack adds Patient Zero campaign, 3 GOTY Escalation & 3 GOTY Suits.

Other than that, it looks good. I’ll check later if I missed anything :+1:


Thanks man that helped alot. Didn’t know S1 legacy could not be got. I think this is aight now. I’ll drop it the next time the usual questions pop up.


Looking good. This is what IO should’ve done.


do you have a reddit account because you should post it if not I can with credit

Go for it fam. Thanks. lil name in the corner is enough credit.

Done it https://www.reddit.com/r/HiTMAN/comments/c1b3vk/hitman_editions_guide_by_points_on_hitman_forum/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app


ooof 750x656px

nah drop that, can you host a larger version? Can export another if originals too big.

yes please do that its bad because on mobile

Thanks yo. should be able to delt and a new post with this link

Hey, sorry its a fuck around, I should have posted it myself. Could you pls delt the post. I love design, and it’s actually hurting me to see it published at such low res. With that link you can make a new post without saving it to your phone or i can do it later. pls bby

I don’t care about imaginary upboats that why i was cool but…

I’ve done a new post and it’s just a link to the imgur

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Thanks for dat fam.

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This is just what we needed, well done my man! Should help users on Reddit out massively as I’d imagine there’s at least 2/3 posts everyday regarding the legacy pack or a question on editions.

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Good stuff

There’s only one or two things not-quite-right with this, Prologue is included in H2, not Legacy. So Starter pack comes with Prologue, without need for Legacy

Also Himmelstein is included in Miami Package


Also, I’m pretty sure the Prologue is free and acts sort of as a demo for the rest of the game. At least that’s what I got, I just upgraded to GOTY Legacy Pack and Gold Edition from there.

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Thanks peeps. updated this a bit ago and asked cake to update the link on reddit

It’s still missing the requiem pack info but, thats just a lil too i think much i think since each item unlocks differently


Just replace “Maimi” with “Miami”, swap Himmelstein with Maimi so it’s included above the “Miami Package” line rather than underneath, and it’s perfect!


Should I repost this updated version

Good spotting, done. typo fixed and swapped.

ahh wait, @KevinRudd what do you mean with above the package line.

I could flip around the tag so it’s inline with Miami and have the triangle bit hugging Himmelstien. Both ways kinda work.