Exploited Gitches vs. Unintended Strats


Hitman has lots of gameplay behaviors that are unintended by the developers. When these arise, the devs must make a choice. Are these glitchy exploits that should be patched? Or are they gameplay strategies that, although unintended, are emergent and valid and cool?

Sometimes the devs patch out things that many players see as valid and fun. Some of the more contentious instances of these were Flying Fire Extinguishers, Lancer Wallbanging, and Legshots Preserving SA. (The latter was partly changed back.)

On the other hand, sometimes the community recognizes that an unintended behavior is a glitch, and there’s not much complaint when it is patched out. The Dropdown Bugs are good examples of this. You used to be able to clip onto Silvio’s roof and then quickly fall to the ground, or fall from the Paris rafters to the catwalk, or from the second floor to the Paris lobby. These were useful shortcuts, but most players seemed to understand why IOI got rid of these.

I don’t want to relitigate the above. What I want to do is get the community’s temperature on the gameplay properties below. They’re all used and exploited in advanced play. But they all fall into the grey zone for me. I don’t know what others think. Are these glitches that should be fixed, or are they emergent gameplay strats that should not be patched out?

(If you can think of other things that fall into the grey zone between exploit and strat, please post them below. But try to avoid the usual suspects that have been discussed to death.)

1. Deafened NPCs

This is the one that I think will probably be most recognized as a bug that should be patched, even though it’s currently a valuable strat. Panicking a guard with silenced gunshots will deafen all NPCs in the level, letting you shoot loud ballistics without anyone noticing.

2. The Fetch Trick

This is the biggest problem case for me and the one I most want to hear from others about.

On one hand, I hate it. It looks ridiculous and unrelaistic when you toss a coin over a ledge and make someone go down three flights of stairs to go fetch it. It’s incredibly overpowered, letting you place any NPC wherever you want. It’s ubiquitous: if you watch a video by a halfway good player, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll see it deployed. And it’s much easier to do on PC than on console, exacerbating the differences between the platforms.

On the other hand, the reason that it’s so ubiquitous is that players love being able to place NPCs wherever they want. It opens up a lot of interesting possibilities, both for speed purposes and for making cool videos (e.g. of Elusive Targets being killed in unusual places). And if it didn’t exist, players could still lure targets anywhere they wanted, just much slower and more unreliably, so there’s a sense in which it’s a quality-of-life feature. I’m torn.

3. Blind Panicked NPCs (report to guard version)

If a civilian sees a crime but doesn’t know it’s you who committed it, they need to report it to a guard. While they are in this state, you can do whatever you want in front of the NPC, and you won’t lose SA unless they are able to make it to the guard. I’m inclined to think this should be patched out or changed in some way.

4. Blind Panicked NPCs (mass panic version)

Detonating a bomb or setting off a fire alarm to make civilians panic renders them blind to illegal disguises and trespassing status. This can be narratively justified and it makes for cool gameplay, so I’m inclined to think it should stay.

5. Hidden Crouch During Animations

Certain animations make 47 stand up… but only in appearance. Whether he can be seen by other NPCs during the animation depends on whether or not he was crouchng before the animation started. For example if 47 is crouching before he poisons a drink and this crouch made him stay out of a witness’s sight (~19 seconds into the run above), then the witness will not see him poison the drink, even though he stands up right in front of the witness’s eyes. This also applies to dragging a body. If you drag a body past a window, whether or not you are seen by a guard looking out can depend on whether you were crouching or standing before hitting the button to drag the body.

6. The Amnesia Trick

Dropping a coin makes NPCs forget you just dropped a weapon in front of their eyes.

7. Fast Throw

Standing up during a throw speeds up the throw animation.

TL;DR: Which in the list above should stay and which should go?


Everything should go except #4.


Everything except #1 should stay


I don’t like explosion chains resulting in accident kills. I think the cause of the kill should be traced back. If you set it off with a loud visible explosive, then the kill shouldn’t be considered an accident. Set it off with a silenced bullet, and I think it can be a legitimate accident kill.


#1 and #3 should definitely be removed. Everything else should stay as how it is.


The only thing that should go in this list is the deafening trick, in my humble opinion.

Having just switched to the PC from the PS4 I have to disagree. Fetching is much easier with a controller, even though you have to hold to button to pick up the item.


I thought the 4th one is intended by the devs :roll_eyes:.

Anyway I want the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 6th to be gone.

  1. Deafened NPCs --> fix completly
  2. The Fetch Trick --> Really not sure. I mean it opens up ALOT of things, but it is one of the weirdest things. Maybe limit it to one use per NPC?
  3. Blind Panicked NPCs --> Such NPCs should be able to spot you, except when trespassing.
  4. Blind Panicked NPCs (mass panic version) --> keep
  5. Hidden Crouch During Animations --> fix, visual model should be determinative.
  6. The Amnesia Trick --> fix
  7. Fast Throw --> fix and make throwing speeds from all positions (crouch, stand, hidden) the same

Not (or on a sidenote) mentioned:

  1. Bumping into guards to blind them for weapon drops --> fix
  2. Multi-floor lure with phone and Napoleon --> Not sure, see 2.
  3. Dropping things in walls from aiming --> fix
  4. Flying FE --> Get back, without coins
  5. Lancer Wallbang --> Get back with a limited distance through solid matter


1 and item drop glitch. Everything else is fine.


everything should stay.
it’s fair for everyone,everyone could use them.


4 is not even a bug, its literally a intended feature.


Do we know that for sure? I don’t doubt it, but I thought it might be an unintended side effect of NPCs going blind when they go into an animation. It took players a long time to discover, after all, so I can imagine that the devs didn’t know about it either.


Logically, though, it makes sense. If you’re at a party and there’s an area you’re not allowed in with VIPs and an explosion occurs, do you think those VIPs will care if you’re running through? I doubt it. They’ll be more focused with their own safety. This is what it emulates.


Oh yeah, I definitely think they should keep it. It’s really cool. But I think it might have been a happy accident rather than an intended feature. I’m not sure.


I don’t think NPCs losing their enforcer status this obvious would pass playtesting. I think it was intended based on logic, because in the end, it just makes sense.

I’m sure the devs thought “what if someone drops a bomb? How do we want NPCs to react?” Guards would investigate and all become enforcers (excluding an explosion from an accident), while civilians would panic and lose their enforcer status.

I’m not sure, but is this feature in BM or AB?


Question: Does sticky rat poison still exist? :thinking:


the game’s AI is totally disaster.
they need to change whole gameplaying.

and “The Fetch Trick” is the coolest thing i’ve ever seen. @Quine



Did it? I was using that trick literally since the beta and Paris release.


Not only it still exists

it got a major buff thanks to the striker \m/


Huh! I assumed it was found later because I couldn’t recall it being used on any early speedruns or featured contract runs. I’m probably wrong.