Exploited Gitches vs. Unintended Strats


I think all of them should stay as it is, maybe #1 should be fixed but the reason why I think they should stay is because all of them are situational.

Not always do you use those tricks in contracts/missions but at some parts they come very handy and I think it’s good to keep them to have more ways to approach it.

All HITMAN games have some tricks and they have never been fixed because it never got to a point that is kind of game-breaking, in the sense that for example, everyone uses the same exploit that saves you 2 min in every contract or mission. I think if we had something like that then it’s worth to fix but we are not at that point.


Should they also have left in clipping onto Silvio’s roof and the dropdown bugs in Paris?

Those seemed like reasonable fixes to me, but maybe there is even disagreement on those.


I think those are fine in being fixed, it’s understandable and makes sense to me.


whatever,i doubt ioi is able to fix the 1st one,it is about engine,just like wallhacking,didn’t get fixed in 2 years.


Weren’t these “features” added because of Ex-Dictator? :stuck_out_tongue:

I could have sworn everybody kept trying to use No. 4 on the Ex-Dictator but it never worked! :stuck_out_tongue:


i would say it should be fixed,because i’m not the inventor and i couldn’t do it consistently.
nothing else.
these tricks or glitches would not affect your gameplay,if you didn’t use them.


1. Deafened NPCs
Clearly an oversight by the developers. It should be patched out, if possible.

2. The Fetch Trick
It should be patched out. It’s fun and makes target manipulation simple, but it’s unintuitive and counterproductive. You mentioned the ubiquity of this “glitch,” and I think it ultimately falls to “Dominant Strategy.” When one method is easier than another, why bother doing anything else?

3. Blind Panicked NPCs (report to guard version)
This is simply a limitation of the AI. I feel it should be patched out.

4. Blind Panicked NPCs (mass panic version)
This makes sense to me. People have priorities, and when a bomb goes off (or something), I can guarantee that my attention will be shifted to myself and the few around me.

5. Hidden Crouch During Animations
Obviously an oversight; should be patched out to make the game more intuitive.

6. The Amnesia Trick
Another oversight. While extremely convenient, it should once again be patched out.

7. Fast Throw
I actually don’t have a problem with this. While I don’t understand why it happens and it looks extremely silly doing it, you could at least argue that it takes some form of skill (albeit, a possibly benign form of skill). Essentially, with the proper timing, you can perform a “fast throw.” While unintended, I think it should be fleshed out into a feature.


I think it’s always been the case and I’m not saying I think it should be patched but if all NPCs are at least 2 doors away then gunshots and explosions can’t be heard.


If you got rid of the fetch trick wouldn’t this drastically reduce the amount of people you could get a Silent Assassin contract kill on, other than an accidental explosion?


I dislike #1 (deafened NPCs) and #10 (dropping things in walls from aiming), but i’m fine with it if those 2 stay in. I just simply won’t use them. Fine with the rest.


Is that the point of the thread? to divide people?

Why did you even make this thread? is there not enough game breaking shit still present already? Oh, because these things look silly right? Why does it matter to you how other people play the game? Just don’t watch their videos.

I’m honestly sick of seeing these kinds of threads. Especially since we are nearly 2 years into this games release. There are a shit tonne of game breaking bugs still in the game, and there are people that want to remove even more of the handful of things that make it playable? lol are you shitting me?. I’m done with mechanics patches now, and if anything other than the deafening trick does go, then for me I think it will be time to put this game to rest for good.


No, not at all! I was actually just thinking that this thread was going well and was very informative.

I was prompted by the fact that I’ve seen basically zero discussion about whether the fetch trick should be patched, and I really couldn’t make up my mind about this. And I really had no idea what other people thought about it. Questions about what count as bugs and what count as emergent features are super interesting and they have got to be on IOI’s mind. It’s worth discussion.

It doesn’t matter to me as a spectator. It matters to me when I put myself in IOI’s shoes and try to think about what they should do. These are interesting design decisions from a dev POV, and I think it makes sense to adopt the dev POV. Partly because it’s intrinsically interesting to me, and partly because how the game gets patched affects all players.

I’m sick of threads about the lancer and sick of threads about high-level discussion about whether immersion is better than speedrunning. But I think this thread is unique. I’ve never seen anyone ask whether these tricks should be patched, which is why I picked them. And I think people’s responses have been illuminating, not annoying.


Yes it would. And while I sympathize with that, I still think the Fetch Trick is ultimately an oversight. Again: I appreciate its usefulness and I’ve even used it myself, but I believe it’s simply part of the “dominant strategy.” It’s clearly unintentional.


Every single new trick that got discovered is discussed in depth about wether or not it should get nerfed. Granted, maybe not in a thread form on this forum, but still


@JDMHatch_G I completely disagree. No matter what stage a released game is in, it should always be under scrutiny and review.


Hold up boys, reddit user payperplain going to fix these glitches:


Dummee fixed leg shots. Then he unfixed them again. Maybe this will turn out the same.

Funny how this guy is threatening to fix something that already temporarily went away and came back again.


Absolutely not. You have other ways in moving NPCs such as tossing items for distractions, audio lures, illegal weapons, panic, etc. The issue I have with the fetch trick is that you essentially break the puzzle element of the game. Just like it may be a puzzle to figure out how to move the sniper in your suit across the map. The fetch trick is like the briefcase, losing that element of puzzle solving to get a target/moving the sniper rifle across the map. And having a way to break the puzzle element of the game, to me, breaks the integrity of the SA rating.

So you can’t say this game is puzzle when there’s a mechanic that contradicts that.


When did I fix it? :joy:


Eh, you can absolutely use the fetch trick for cool puzzles.There’s a difference from doing the fetch trick 300 times to get someone to a place, and a fetch trick made with one unique throw.