Explosions are fun


Just a quick PSA, blowing stuff up is fun.

"Bored"... Need inspiration!

I was gonna post this stuff if you didn’t! :smile: I think the rest of us can just quit now. Sapienza is closed for man-hitting.


In the second video, his body bounced!

Good stuff


You are the master at these kills! Awesome just awesome!


@Kotti you are a legend that is all.


Really shows how you can be creative in this game as long as you want to.
Truly amazing stuff,well done!


How!!? How???..HOW???
Did you even THINK to come up with that!!? Holy fuckin shit man! Your videos ALWAYS blow my damn mind! :dizzy_face: Lol

Please, do not ever stop making videos like these, Awesome job bro! You are unbelievable :smile::+1:t2:


The chain reaction was unbelievable. Legendary is understating it. Shut it down folks, @Kotti wins HitmanForum for today.


hahahahahaha I hope next mission have a lot of fire extinguisher in the level



Ha, music from Deadly Premonition. Nice.
I finished it earlier this month.

Now that was a great game, don’t you think so Zach?


Awesome stuff dude!

Decided to have some fun with explosives aswell, u could see it as a tribute in a way.
All 3 objectives in one go!


That water splash! … not


Haha indeed, kinda anticlimactic :neutral_face:


That’s great!

I guess golfing isn’t that boring after all :smiley:


How did you drag them both onto the roof? Aren’t there walls in the way that you can’t get them over?


If you trow them all on a pile and you shoot one they all fly up in the air, you’ve got yourself some nice piece of fireworks :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


U can drag Francesca from her office, dumping her through a window with that height doesn’t kill her. I subdued Silvio in his room, and from there just dragged him aswell.


While it may not be a patch on Kotti’s hole-in-one, I’m currently enjoying the horrors of this situation:

The body seems to be out of reach for body-bagging purposes (OHSA regulations about lifting, no doubt), with the result that any NPC that sees the body becomes locked to the spot. I’m currently up to four gawkers, but am unfortunately stuck in my original hiding spot, so unable to lure more unsuspecting bystanders into this honeytrap:


I posted in the bug report thread about NPCs getting locked on the spot it happened to me after killing Silvio with an explosion. The two guards got locked in their position and wouldn’t move no matter what I did. I had to kill them in the end as I too was stuck in a hiding place.


MONSTERKILL with a big explosion!


  • 2 Unconscious Targets
  • 21 Unconscious CICADA Bodyguards
  • 1 ICA Remote Explosive
  • 2 Breaching Charges
  • 15 Fire Extinquishers
  • 4 Propane Tanks.

Extra: Never spotted, No noticed kills, No bodies found, No recordings.