Explosions do not set off fire extinguisher/propane flask (Bangkok Slamdunk challenge)


I’ve been trying the Bangkok slamdunk chalkenge on PC, but explosions do not set off the fire extinguisher or propane flask. They all remain intact after the explosion.

Also shooting them did not even move the body

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It is ajust known bug, IO said they work on a fix. I don’t know how long that will take.


So I remember struggling with this alot and then I read that it can now be done in Season 2 with just a regular explosion, I was able to do this with a duck

Edit: to clarify I only used a duck, no fire extinguishers or propane tanks needed

It’s a known bug and IOI knows about it.

Use 3 coins and the breaching charge instead, that will work, I did this challenge with that after hints from others players on this forum.

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Considering latest news… Maybe eternity.
You know, after reading that statement, I lost any faith for them to address even acknowledged bugs…
I have no words to explain this abandonment