Fabulous Dead Body Contest


Post your most fabulous pictures here! winner gets nothing but glory!

Knocked out bodies are allowed too.




“HITMAN is the most child-friendly game of them all”


The name of this thread seriously suggests much more disturbing stuff…


I see no reason as to why this contest can’t be held on the “Hitman Screenshots Thread”. So, that’s that.



Nothing says fabulous, quite like this…

I win!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Does it have to be Hitman? Because I was playing Black Mesa once and I recreated the Titanic painting scene.


Taking a boat you’re supposed to be guarding on a joyride and partying too hard on it is pretty fabulous, I’d say.

Anybody know the name of this Yoga pose?


Any body is fine, as long as it isn’t real huehuheuehueheue.


Oh, cool-

as long as it isn’t real

Fuck’s sake.


Too late, right? :D,



Because that thread is about screenshots of the game and this thread is about dead body’s in the game.


Well… despite its simplicity, this argument is actually good. Sorry then.


Oh wow I think we have a winner (saw this on reddit)


please take a sit, sir


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vPHW1ezC68 :joy:


I don’t know about you, but sometimes a dead body is so fabulous even the NPCs come to have a gander: