Fabulous Dead Body Contest


I managed to kill Mr. Kong by electrocution and with the fiber wire, at the same time:



Am I interrupting something?!?

Also, I don’t know why, but the Director always goes to “great lengths” to end up in fabulous poses for me lol.




Can you spot your favorite NPC?


Posted this a while back in another thread but might as well share here as well.

Public lewdness:


Pack it up boys! @mendietinha won


Victor Novikov begs to differ


The after party

The Guru



It was a glorious, battle to the death… And 47 came out victorious…


There should be a Hokkaido bonus mission with a swordfight opportunity.


That would be really cool. However, in Koyama’s condition, I don’t think he’d actually be capable of having a sword fight :laughing:


I think Caroline is trying to seduce me…

And her husband is not pleased…



Is this from “Destruction”, GuLe’s contract?:smile:



This screenshot always reminded me of point-and-click detective quest games. It’s like 47 is investigating the crime scene.

Viktor Noviplankov


Yet I consider this to be my ultimate masterpiece - flying Yuki. She is dead at the moment of the second screenshot no matter what HUD says.


When I saw title of this thread, my reation was this is some tor level shit.


This is definetely the winner !!!