Fabulous Dead Body Contest


This is art.



This guy seems to relaxed for someone who is supposed to be dead


I still say this is the best one lol now that is art!! :laughing:


Hey guys, found a few screenshots and I liked the way the bodies fell, so here ya go! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



And we have some more!!! Why not right?



Iā€™m on kind of a small screen atm but Rocco looks like heā€™s sporting an impressive package in that first pic. :grimacing: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LMFAO! I know right I thought that one was really funny



Whatā€™s that Show Menu option in the bottom left of your screen? Iā€™ve only seen that on PC before.


When you pause the game, go to settings and choose ā€œgraphicsā€. There, Press SQUARE(PS4)/X(xb1). Not sure what the PC equivalent is.

Cleans up the pic.


Huh. I didnā€™t know that.


He really wanted to go swimming but some magical power prevented him from doing that.


Went on a bit of a rampage on Marrakesh last month and I did get this screenshot, so clearly this is a great place for it. Great dramatic pose by Claus, 10/10



ā€œYou guys go chenk on that, Iā€™ll sleep a bit on this carā€ huehue nice one m8!




Strike a pose, thereā€™s nothing to it. Vogueā€¦