Fabulous Dead Body Contest


Coming to get you


when senpai notice you

‘tell me a story my love’



What a nice day

Oh shit


Lol that kept happening to me as well. Ended up having like 3 NPCs stuck at once.


“Command, it looks like we have an accident on our hands!”


These are kind of dead?!

Look at their wounds…


What happened to that guys eye? How did he survive a gun shot to the face :laughing:


Well, sedate Kurt Donovan’s sushi and before he falls down unconcious, hit him with something and you get these beautiful SC’s!


I tried to do that but he didn’t get any scars, I wonder how that can even happen because hitting people never leaves any marks. :thinking: But it was still funny because when one guard woke him up he fell unconscious immediately again because of the poison lol.


When I come home on Sunday I will make a vid


Just some Sunbathing on the Rooftop.


Here it is, after a few days of waiting!


Lmao, finally a use for the sedative poison vial. No wonder I couldn’t do that, I tried to hit him with a non-lethal weapon. I wouldn’t have guessed he doesn’t die if hit by a lethal weapon.


Killed npc by gas lamp. He flew over the railing but he didn’t want to go. Lol.


Nice arm tattoo and shirt, dead man.

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their interpretative dance routines—except death dealt by fun-loving Agent 47 and the ability to pause the game to take screenshots of their corpses mid-performance.”

Jazz hands!

I wish they were farther apart, but I was afraid to move them and ruin the pose. They look as if they could be reaching out to each other like in Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam.

“Damn you, yoga instructor! You’ve cost me my rightful silent assassin rating for the umpteenth and final time. Guess you’ll be doing downward-facing dog in hell from here on out, motherfucker! Got any last words for me, JB, if that is your real name?”

“Y–y--yeah, just…just one—one more thing…” (gasps for breath and coughs up some blood).

“I’ll see you when you restart. Trolololololololo–(flatlines).”


Midnight Cowboy


LOL :joy:


Can it be Gmod tho? I love to break the rules while not breaking rules


Dali-ah, Dali-eww