Fabulous Dead Body Contest


Sister Yilduz went to sleep on the sofa, nothing to get alerted about


Hi there me and @MontezumahCHP just started this new project related to fabulous dead bodies aka #masterpiecekil follow us on https://www.instagram.com/hitmagram/


Ken Morgan sits pretty after his fatal phonesplosion. After posting this same screenshot over on the Hitman subreddit, I was told that I should share it here, too.


I know it’s old, but I had to share it with RealLifeJordan™


Edit: I upgraded:

Edit 2: I upgraded. Again:

Edit 3: Should i just post these elsewhere, kinda starting to fill up:



The flying security guard)))


oh my gawd, what have you done!


Yay, mass camp out in Colorado! :smile:



Full video (for those interested): 10 Player Curated Featured Contracts by BernardoOne (17 Aug 2018)


It’s hot in Bangkok and I know you’re thirsty for a can of soda, but son, you gotta open the fridge door first!






Fun with the car crusher in Miami, aka “How does anyone die standing up like that?”



I love when these old threads come up. I’ve been sitting on this one for a while:




Sean Rose decided to take a bath while I was killing him :man_shrugging:t2:


If there is something that I’ve learnt recently in Hitman 2, is the power of using an SMG and assault rifle while firing blindly behind cover.


the lady in the red dress