Fabulous Dead Body Contest


Sister Yilduz went to sleep on the sofa, nothing to get alerted about


Hi there me and @MontezumahCHP just started this new project related to fabulous dead bodies aka #masterpiecekil follow us on https://www.instagram.com/hitmagram/


Ken Morgan sits pretty after his fatal phonesplosion. After posting this same screenshot over on the Hitman subreddit, I was told that I should share it here, too.


I know it’s old, but I had to share it with RealLifeJordan™



Edit: I upgraded:

Edit 2: I upgraded. Again:

Edit 3: Should i just post these elsewhere, kinda starting to fill up:



The flying security guard)))


oh my gawd, what have you done!



Yay, mass camp out in Colorado! :smile:



Full video (for those interested): 10 Player Curated Featured Contracts by BernardoOne (17 Aug 2018)


It’s hot in Bangkok and I know you’re thirsty for a can of soda, but son, you gotta open the fridge door first!






Fun with the car crusher in Miami, aka “How does anyone die standing up like that?”