Failed Broker ET because of this

So i wanted to electrocute him…well i took screwdriver used it on this socket and it killed me . Is that bug or is this supposed to be like this?

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The plug is on by default.
If you follow the wire from the plug, you’ll see the switch, which you should deactivate before breaking the plug.
I believe this particular puddle is the reason of dozens of failures of Paris Elusive Targets.
It’s not a bug, it’s just how this plug was designed


oh rip man that happened to me back in hitman 2016


If not with an ET, that probably happened to everyone who started the game in Paris. :sweat_smile:


why use a screwdriver, when you have a perfectly good pistol that solves the same problem?

To me this kind of thing happened in Marrakesh, not Paris, but probably everyone’s gone through it… worse for the ones who found out about it in Elusive Targets, of course, lol

Same with stoves and gas leaks, gotta do the procedure properly so you don’t blow yourself up!

Yeah… that’s exactly why I don’t bring any explosives or touch any fire extinguishers, propane flasks, puddles, or exposed wires when I play an ET. Too much could go wrong if you’re not careful… I almost blew myself up with a fire extinguisher when playing The Chameleon in Hitman 1, but I somehow paused the game at the last second before I got killed so I happily restarted. Never again lol. I’d much rather just shoot at the ET with an emetic-pistol and deal with them that way, it’s boring but it works every time.

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