Failed To Authorize Your Account With The Hitman Server


Yeah, well…what do I do now? I want my ave maria sniper and I want to kill this elusive :smiley:


Ah bloody hell, not again


I need to kill somebody now!


I’m getting the same message too; Unable to connect to the Hitman service. Failed to authorize your account with the Hitman server.

I hope this won’t affect my chance at getting this elusive as I won’t have time to play after tomorrow until next weekend.


Same problem here, cannot connect at all.

First time I encounter server problems.


Same problem.
20 chars


9+ hrs into this problem.

So at this point in time can we all agree that this shouldn’t be happening and that this should of been removed from the game 11+ months ago?


I am still getting the error too.


same issue. it says "Failed to authorize your account with hitman server for more information contact hitman support"
come here and there is nothing.
My game worked before the last patch. On and off yesterday i could not connect. Today not at all.
That just goes to show that the patch was not tested properly before release because something was broken by it.


They did mention that it’s specific to Steam, and are working with Valve to address it soon. But that was at least 15 hours back I think.


Inb4 it does not get fixed before monday


Well… uhm. I’m back online.




It works!


And while we’re on the subject of how games should run if they are “Always Online” and rendered as a “Service”… I would like to strongly suggest to @IOI via @Travis_IOI that Elusive Target No. 20 should be extended by a number of days relative to the length of time this service was down.

Fraction of a day considered as one day.

I mean, I support the idea that IOI wanted to implement the game this way, but you have to take the good with the bad, IOI.

Your buyers/customers will appreciate the gesture. :slight_smile:


Months later and it’s still not working


Previously owned Hitman on Xbox One, and it worked without incident. Yesterday purchased Hitman on PC, and am greeted with the “Failed to connect the Hitman server. Failed to authorise account.” message. My firewall ‘inbound rules’ allow the game. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game. I have tried a wired internet connection. Yet, it has continually failed to authorise my account. I appreciate that this is an old thread, and the new Hitman is soon to be released, but I would appreciate some assistance.

"Failed to authorise account."

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? In other words, will this be an issue on my end, or the server’s?


Maybe @Urben or @Hardware can help with this issue?


Failed to connect the Hitman server. Failed to authorise account.

Only IOI staff can help user stuck with this error message I think. @ioi_christianco